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PBC News & Comment: Still Skeptical About Claims that Russia Hacked DNC, Podesta

Web security firms and US intelligence claim “Fancy Bear” is behind hacks of DNC and Podesta, no clear Russian link….--Vice Motherboard adds new info but buries disclaimer that no “smoking gun that can clearly frame Russia
--NSA contractor Harold Martin now facing espionage act charges
--suspicions that Martin was part of “Shadow Brokers” undermined by new message from them
--Podesta and others repeatedly dodge questions about the content of hacked emails by blaming Russia and suggesting some emails were “doctored” with no proof
--Correction:  in yesterday’s podcast, I incorrectly reported that Obama’s name was in FBI investigation notes; Obama references were substituted
--in new in-depth interview, documentary filmmaker Craig Atkinson of Do Not Resist says for-profit policing drives many abuses
--US Customs is ready to demand social media info from visitors from Europe and other areas
--corporate media bites on James O’Keefe’s latest propaganda video, with embarrassing comments from Dem operatives, but no criminal acts
--weasels on federal appeals court uphold Gitmo conviction that directly conflicts with Supreme Court rulings and international law on conspiracy charges
--nonpartisan media The Week reminds us that Obama has put US at war in 5 countries, and some are never mentioned
--during Russian bombing pause in Syria, many residents of Aleppo are wary of safe passage
--in Iraq, IS stages surprise attack on Kirkuk
--NY Times analysis shows that Clinton has re-set her re-set with Russia, and would enter office with contentious view of Kremlin, Putin
--Chicago music mogul Phil Chess dies at age 95