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PBC News & Comment: Still Skeptical About Claims that Russia Hacked DNC, Podesta

Web security firms and US intelligence claim “Fancy Bear” is behind hacks of DNC and Podesta, no clear Russian link….Vice Motherboard adds new info but buries disclaimer that no “smoking gun that can clearly frame Russia
–NSA contractor Harold Martin now facing espionage act charges
–suspicions that Martin was part of “Shadow Brokers” undermined by new message from them
–Podesta and others repeatedly dodge questions about the content of hacked emails by blaming Russia and suggesting some emails were “doctored” with no proof
Correction:  in yesterday’s podcast, I incorrectly reported that Obama’s name was in FBI investigation notes; Obama references were substituted
–in new in-depth interview, documentary filmmaker Craig Atkinson of Do Not Resist says for-profit policing drives many abuses
–US Customs is ready to demand social media info from visitors from Europe and other areas
–corporate media bites on James O’Keefe’s latest propaganda video, with embarrassing comments from Dem operatives, but no criminal acts
–weasels on federal appeals court uphold Gitmo conviction that directly conflicts with Supreme Court rulings and international law on conspiracy charges
–nonpartisan media The Week reminds us that Obama has put US at war in 5 countries, and some are never mentioned
–during Russian bombing pause in Syria, many residents of Aleppo are wary of safe passage
–in Iraq, IS stages surprise attack on Kirkuk
NY Times analysis shows that Clinton has re-set her re-set with Russia, and would enter office with contentious view of Kremlin, Putin
–Chicago music mogul Phil Chess dies at age 95