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PBC News & Comment: Naomi Klein and Millennial Blogger Explain Why Clinton Lost

Millennial blogger Trent Lapinksi and Naomi Klein offer compelling explanations for Clinton’s loss and her Democratic supporters’ deep denial…–read Trent Lapinksi’s post here

–Naomi Klein fingers neoliberalism, read it here

–Michael Moore, who pimped for Clinton just a week ago, has some good ideas about reforming the Dem party

–Trump and Obama meet for 90 minutes, exchange happy talk for media

–anti-Trump protests pop up in NY, Chicago, Oakland and other cities

–on the Left Coast, talk of secession for California, Oregon and Washington draws headlines but would face extreme hurdles

–election protection activist Jonathan Simon looks at exit polls, and suspects that Trump forces did “rig” the election

–minor party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson drew votes, but presently, there is no state where Stein voters spoiled it for Clinton

–analysts show that white women—especially those without college degrees—voted for Trump and beefed up his margins

–at Vice, Jason Leopold reports that current intelligence leadership is “spooked” by Trump’s election

–spike in hate crimes reported since election

–many pundits say the current TPP deal is dead, but Obama may find a way to pass it in lame duck session