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PBC News & Comment: Greg Palast: “This Election Was Stolen, Pure and Simple”

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says this election was rigged, stolen by GOP voter suppression schemes, including the Interstate Crosscheck List….–in our exclusive post-election interview, Palast confirms the predictions made in his latest film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy; film info is here

–Palast affirms the exit poll analyses suggesting “red shift” manipulation by Jonathan Simon and Theodore de Macedo Soares

–we describe North Carolina as “laboratory for voter suppression”, where Democratic candidate for governor Roy Cooper clings to narrow lead over Pat McCrory

–anti-Trump protests continue, with protesters in Portland, OR attacking a driver flying a Trump banner on his car, reports Vice

–Facebook founder Zuckerberg rejects criticism that fake news posts swayed voters

–in surprise move, Trump bounces Chris Christie and names VP Pence to run transition team

–a DNC staffer known only as “Zach” screams out some well-deserved criticism to Donna Brazile

–Democratic strategist David Plouffe confesses that he got a few things wrong about this election

–in full-page NY Times ad, ACLU boss Anthony Romero asks Trump to reconsider his embrace of hate, and unconstitutional ideas in the campaign

–in San Diego case, ACLU lawyers challenge convictions based on domestic metadata collection

–privacy activists are concerned how Trump will use surveillance powers

–Hong Kong democracy activists are slammed by Beijing, as 10 lawmakers are bounced over oaths of office

–Canadian singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen is dead at 82; here is a link to one of my favorites, “Everybody Knows”