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PBC News & Comment: Greg Palast: “This Election Was Stolen, Pure and Simple”

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says this election was rigged, stolen by GOP voter suppression schemes, including the Interstate Crosscheck List….--in our exclusive post-election interview, Palast confirms the predictions made in his latest film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy; film info is here

--Palast affirms the exit poll analyses suggesting “red shift” manipulation by Jonathan Simon and Theodore de Macedo Soares

--we describe North Carolina as “laboratory for voter suppression”, where Democratic candidate for governor Roy Cooper clings to narrow lead over Pat McCrory

--anti-Trump protests continue, with protesters in Portland, OR attacking a driver flying a Trump banner on his car, reports Vice

--Facebook founder Zuckerberg rejects criticism that fake news posts swayed voters

--in surprise move, Trump bounces Chris Christie and names VP Pence to run transition team

--a DNC staffer known only as “Zach” screams out some well-deserved criticism to Donna Brazile

--Democratic strategist David Plouffe confesses that he got a few things wrong about this election

--in full-page NY Times ad, ACLU boss Anthony Romero asks Trump to reconsider his embrace of hate, and unconstitutional ideas in the campaign

--in San Diego case, ACLU lawyers challenge convictions based on domestic metadata collection

--privacy activists are concerned how Trump will use surveillance powers

--Hong Kong democracy activists are slammed by Beijing, as 10 lawmakers are bounced over oaths of office

--Canadian singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen is dead at 82; here is a link to one of my favorites, “Everybody Knows”