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In-Depth Interview: Roving Reporter Pepe Escobar Offers an Offshore Perspective on US Election

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In this post-election debrief, international journalist Pepe Escobar returns to comment on the election, claims of Russian interference, and expected shifts in US Syria strategy.Escobar spent years living in the US, and has a new sense of American absurdity.  He comments on the campaigns, and what he calls the “absolute genius” of the Trump campaign in tapping into voter angst with 4th or 5th grade language that was heavily coded.

He notes that, with 28 million social media followers, Trump didn’t need the news media–he had direct contact with many voters.  FBI Director Comey’s public comments on the Clinton email investigation were damaging, and so was the content of the leaked emails.

Despite his many flaws, we agree that Trump is pointing to a new relationship with Russia and a reset of Syria strategy that may be more rational than Obama’s twin goals of defeating IS and pushing Assad out.

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