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PBC News & Comment: Trump Names Sen. Jeff Sessions Attorney General

Alabama journalist Roger Shuler says Jeff Sessions—Trump’s pick for Attorney General--is a racist and “a dreadful human being”….

--read Shuler’s post about Judge Bill Pryor here, the protégé of Sessions who seems to top the list for Supreme Court nomination

--Gen. Mike Flynn, fired by Obama from Defense Intelligence Agency, will be national security advisor

--Trump names hardline GOP congressman funded by Koch Brothers, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, to head CIA

--in Germany, Obama tells Der Speigel that he won’t pardon Snowden

--Obama also criticizes fake news in social media, ignoring the fake news, disinformation and propaganda his administration has generated

--leaks from the transition team indicate plans to eliminate the post of Director of National Intelligence, which might be a good idea

--Speaker Ryan agrees to Trump request to delay budget bills till next year, but Senate Republicans balk; Pelosi draws leadership challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH)

--in our new, in-depth interview, Thomas Frank, author of Listen, Liberal talks about the reasons for Democratic defeats, including the failure to take on Wall St.

--twin editorials in NY Times hammer Trupm for deportation plans and a registry for Muslims

--Canadian scientists connecting fracking with earthquakes in new study