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In-Depth Interview: Thomas Frank Analyzes Democrats’ Losses, Celebrates End of Clinton, Bush Dynasties

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Thomas Frank, historian and author of Listen, Liberal and What’s the Matter With Kansas, returns to talk about the 2016 elections and the big setback for establishment Democrats.Equally insightful and entertaining, Tom Frank talks about the GOP sweep under the Trump banner, and agrees to pay off his $5 bet with your humble host made on August 2, when Frank thought Clinton would win.

We explore various angles, including ways that Barack Obama set the stage for a Trump win: by not keeping promises to renegotiate NAFTA, standing by as unions were bashed by Republican governors, and allowing Wall Street crimes to be swept aside without investigations or criminal prosecutions.

We talk about Clinton’s self-inflicted wounds in the email scandal and the conflicts caused by the Clinton Foundation, meddling by the FBI director, and the parallels with his Kansas analysis:  Trump conned many voters of both parties into voting against their self-interests.

And Frank is pleased to note that the political dynasties of the Bush and Clinton families appear to be dead.