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PBC News & Comment: Mainstream Media Mostly Ignore Standing Rock Crackdown

Corporate media largely ignores ugly crackdown on Standing Rock protesters while hyping every trivial Tweet from meddler-in-chief…..--in North Dakota, media activists Unicorn Riot and Kevin Gilbertt provide live coverage of Sunday night showdown, water cannons used in freezing weather, as Kevin Gosztola reports

--pausing occasionally to tweet stupid shit, Trump is running his transition like a beauty pageant, or more like an ugly pageant

--Trump settles class action cases against “Trump University” for $25 million, still claiming he would have prevailed

--Bad Idea: Obama hints he will stay in the public debate after leaving office, hoping to defend his legacy

--white nationalist conference in DC shows the “Alt-right” is “all-white”

--listener Willem Grooters in the Netherlands tips me to ugly, hateful comments on alt-right blogs

--in the North Carolina laboratory of election fraud, GOP Gov. is losing by 6,500 votes, and allies use every tactic to alter the outcome

--Ari Berman, journalist and author of book on voting rights, pens two columns: one suggests the Trump election was rigged, the other frames future rigging, with no mention of a possible heist for Trump

--in primary election, French voters reject Sarkozy's bid for a comeback,

--German Chancellor Merkel announces she will run for 4th term, and Britain’s Tony Blair hints at return to politics

--Beltway rumors: NSA boss Mike Rogers may be forced out by Obama, as Dems hope FBI Director Comey will be ally against his new boss, Jeff Sessions

--in sneaky move, Philippine despot Duterte allows disgraced despot Ferdinand Marcos to be re-buried in heroes’ cemetery