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PBC News & Comment: Mainstream Media Mostly Ignore Standing Rock Crackdown

Corporate media largely ignores ugly crackdown on Standing Rock protesters while hyping every trivial Tweet from meddler-in-chief…..–in North Dakota, media activists Unicorn Riot and Kevin Gilbertt provide live coverage of Sunday night showdown, water cannons used in freezing weather, as Kevin Gosztola reports

–pausing occasionally to tweet stupid shit, Trump is running his transition like a beauty pageant, or more like an ugly pageant

–Trump settles class action cases against “Trump University” for $25 million, still claiming he would have prevailed

–Bad Idea: Obama hints he will stay in the public debate after leaving office, hoping to defend his legacy

–white nationalist conference in DC shows the “Alt-right” is “all-white”

–listener Willem Grooters in the Netherlands tips me to ugly, hateful comments on alt-right blogs

–in the North Carolina laboratory of election fraud, GOP Gov. is losing by 6,500 votes, and allies use every tactic to alter the outcome

–Ari Berman, journalist and author of book on voting rights, pens two columns: one suggests the Trump election was rigged, the other frames future rigging, with no mention of a possible heist for Trump

–in primary election, French voters reject Sarkozy’s bid for a comeback,

–German Chancellor Merkel announces she will run for 4th term, and Britain’s Tony Blair hints at return to politics

–Beltway rumors: NSA boss Mike Rogers may be forced out by Obama, as Dems hope FBI Director Comey will be ally against his new boss, Jeff Sessions

–in sneaky move, Philippine despot Duterte allows disgraced despot Ferdinand Marcos to be re-buried in heroes’ cemetery