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In-Depth Interview: Cyber Security Consultant Trent Lapinski Rejects “Russia Hacking” Claims

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While Obama and intelligence leakers claim “100% confidence” that Russia hacked DNC and Podesta emails, Trent Lapinski is skeptical.Amid the mounting–but still evidence-free–assertions from political and intelligence circles that the Russian government hacked the DNC servers and John Podesta’s emails, Trent Lapinski has blogged in detail about the claims, and why he doesn’t believe them.

Lapinksi is a San Francisco-based web entrepreneur and cyber security consultant; you can read his blog posts here and here.  His response to an attack by actor Wil Wheaton is here.

We open with a recap of Lapinski’s blog posts since the election, the bizarre attack by Wheaton, and the overall denial that continues to be displayed by many Clinton voters.

We talk about the October 7 statement from DNI and DHS that first “confirmed” beliefs that Russian military hackers were responsible for the leaks to WikiLeaks, with no evidence cited or produced, as well as the December 29 document which adds new assertions without any evidence, and infers that the intel experts don’t really know who’s responsible.

Lapinski explains why the “insider leak” scenario is more likely than the unproven assertions that were used to support new sanctions on Russia and 35 individuals, including the chef from the San Francisco consulate.  He says the IP addresses cited on 12.29 are meaningless, as many originate in the US and many others are Tor exit nodes, which can obscure any user.  He also notes that the report refers to malware made in Ukraine that is outdated, widely available to anyone.

We also discuss historical precedents where the CIA misled the American public with media leaks, and how the media ignored for weeks the compelling information offered by Assange and Craig Murray while promoting the approved narrative.