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PBC News & Comment: Truth Emergency Widens As Trump Attacks Syria

Trump reacts to gruesome images of babies killed in chemical incident, launching cruise missiles that killed at least 4 children….--corporate media responds like it’s 2003, allowing no dissenters to be heard, despite lack of evidence of Syrian responsibility for alleged Sarin use

--only a week after TrumpCo said regime change was not the goal, Rexxon Tillerson and others change their tunes

--Trump’s bro, Putin, responds with threat to suspend hotline to prevent clahses between US and Russian planes and drones

--attack occurred as Trump welcomed China’s Ji Xinping at Mar-a-Lago….was he trying to impress and intimidate him?

--it’s a defining moment—identifying hawks and neocons in media and Congress

--but some of Trump’s alt-right advisors and supporters object

--Bolivia leads call for UN Security Council emergency meeting

--Rep. Adam Schiff supports Trump’s attack, but wants Congress to approve future actions

--war secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis executed Trump’s order, but like the Don, he opposed US military response in 2013 after Syria was blamed for gas attack

--biased reports in NY Times  and Guardian  try to read Assad’s mind, dismissing calls for proof in Tuesday’s release of chemical weapons

--in unusual editorial, Guardian editors infer support of the missile assault, but raise important doubts about Trump’s motives and credibility

--Glenn Greenwald’s instant epic analysis is worth a read

--in another whiplash policy reversal, Philippine strongman Duterte sends his navy to disputed Spratly islands

--as Ji visits, FBI raids green card-for-cash scheme that is primarily used by rich Chinese

--palace intrigue continues, as Kushner wrestles Bannon, and both leak like crazy

--ending this episode of obstruction and abuse of Democrats, GOP rams through Gorsuch confirmation, 54-45

--Hillary Clinton blames Russia and misogyny for her loss, as PBC highlights her remark that she doesn’t expect to run for office again

--Twitter successfully rebuffs demand to unmask tweeters from White House and agencies

--California will spend $55 billion to fix potholes, after Jerry Brown buys enough votes to pass increase in gas tax and car fees