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Podcast #2000! PBC News & Comment: In Arkansas, Dirty Death Machinery Does Grisly Doubleheader

Determined to conduct executions in worst way, Arkansas killed two prisoners last night, despite court intervention after problems with first one…

–medical director of Arkansas—whose name is secret—broke the law to acquire execution drugs

–the Swiss chemist who invented on of the 3 drugs used, midazolam, objects to lethal use of his invention, Vice reports

–in dramatic move, White House invites all 100 senators to secret briefing on North Korea, as Kim unleashes barrage of missiles

–US imposes sanctions on Syrian weapons personnel, based on unproven assertions that Syria was responsible for Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident

–former Trump appointee Mike Flynn broke the law, says GOP Rep. Chaffetz

–Senate Intel committee’s Trump-Russia investigation is a joke, says conservative WashPo columnist

–Trump softens demand for wall funding to avoid govt shutdown, but presses demands for tax cuts with no deficit considerations

–Sen. Orrin Hatch, who posed as deficit hawk during Obama years, is OK with Trump tax cuts that will add trillions to debt

–listener known only as “Bob” tips us to great column by UK’s Robert Fisk

–Wells Fargo shareholders re-elect all the directors who presided over fraudulent marketing practices

–Oakland flash mob swarms BART train, robs 7 people and vanishes in less than 2 minutes

–in Las Vegas, jury convicts 2 fans of Cliven Bundy from 2014 standoff

–in New Orleans, workers don bulletproof vests for late-night removal of racist monument

–Gary Chew reviews Their Finest, and seems to like it