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Podcast #2000! PBC News & Comment: In Arkansas, Dirty Death Machinery Does Grisly Doubleheader

Determined to conduct executions in worst way, Arkansas killed two prisoners last night, despite court intervention after problems with first one...

--medical director of Arkansas—whose name is secret—broke the law to acquire execution drugs

--the Swiss chemist who invented on of the 3 drugs used, midazolam, objects to lethal use of his invention, Vice reports

--in dramatic move, White House invites all 100 senators to secret briefing on North Korea, as Kim unleashes barrage of missiles

--US imposes sanctions on Syrian weapons personnel, based on unproven assertions that Syria was responsible for Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident

--former Trump appointee Mike Flynn broke the law, says GOP Rep. Chaffetz

--Senate Intel committee’s Trump-Russia investigation is a joke, says conservative WashPo columnist

--Trump softens demand for wall funding to avoid govt shutdown, but presses demands for tax cuts with no deficit considerations

--Sen. Orrin Hatch, who posed as deficit hawk during Obama years, is OK with Trump tax cuts that will add trillions to debt

--listener known only as “Bob” tips us to great column by UK’s Robert Fisk

--Wells Fargo shareholders re-elect all the directors who presided over fraudulent marketing practices

--Oakland flash mob swarms BART train, robs 7 people and vanishes in less than 2 minutes

--in Las Vegas, jury convicts 2 fans of Cliven Bundy from 2014 standoff

--in New Orleans, workers don bulletproof vests for late-night removal of racist monument

--Gary Chew reviews Their Finest, and seems to like it