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PBC News & Comment: Arizona Convicts “Domestic Terror” Suspect Who Feds Declined to Prosecute

Reporter Beau Hodai reveals how Arizona prosecuted teen who had been groomed by FBI informants but feds refused to charge…--Hodai’s story in The Progressive is here

--respected professor and UN monitor Richard Falk co-authors open letter to UN Ambassador Haley, who slammed Falk’s report on Israeli apartheid policies

--French intelligence report says “chemical signature” proves that Assad forces were responsible for April 4 chemical incident in Syria

--Turkey bombs US allies in Syria, because they are Kurdish

--Turkey purges 1,000 police officers accused of supporting Gulen

--NY Times details how the Turkish referendum was manipulated

--Trump fumes at 9th Circuit over hold placed on sanctuary city exec, the the 9th Circuit hasn't actually ruled on it

--in Mexican congress, foreign minister slams the proposed border wall as “hostile” and “an absolute waste of money”

--Trump promised tax cut details today, but we get more leaks without the full picture or projections of cost, and a teaser for average taxpayers

--Rod Rosenstein is confirmed as #2 Justice official, is expected to manage Trump-Russia investigation

--Obama accepts $400,000 speaking fee from Wall St. firm

--Ann Coulter finally cancels speech at UC Berkeley

--furry critter that had been expected to become world’s biggest rabbit dies on United flight