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PBC News & Comment: Shocker!! Trump Tax Plan Would Make Rich Even Richer

Trump tax plan would cut Trump’s taxes, expand wealth and income disparities, allowing “pass through” entities to pay only 15%….–as David Cay Johnston recently told us, Trump’s tax “reform” offers a bit to the middle class, and is likely to roll up huge deficits

NY Times editorial calls plan outline “laughable”

–budget impasse seems likely, as short-term bandaid surfaces

–45’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner faces scandal over loans to his company from Israeli billionaire family charged with bribes

–investigation into Michael Flynn deepens, with documents showing he was warned in advance about taking and reporting payments from foreign governments

–in a fascinating in-depth interview, Trevor Aaronson details his 4-part series at The Intercept on the theatrics of most domestic terrorism cases

–senators who took field trip to White House for North Korea briefing were underwhelmed

–2 more American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan

–Russian intelligence ship sinks after collision with sheep freighter, no deaths

–in new open letter, intelligence veterans remain skeptical about claims of Syrian responsibility for April 4 chemical incident

–2 of Louisiana’s last 3 abortion clinics will remain open, after federal judge blocks pretextual law

–Net Neutrality is on the chopping block at FCC

–United settles with man who was violently ejected from flight, and sets new policies, including payments for lost baggage