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PBC News & Comment: Shocker!! Trump Tax Plan Would Make Rich Even Richer

Trump tax plan would cut Trump’s taxes, expand wealth and income disparities, allowing “pass through” entities to pay only 15%....--as David Cay Johnston recently told us, Trump’s tax “reform” offers a bit to the middle class, and is likely to roll up huge deficits

--NY Times editorial calls plan outline “laughable”

--budget impasse seems likely, as short-term bandaid surfaces

--45’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner faces scandal over loans to his company from Israeli billionaire family charged with bribes

--investigation into Michael Flynn deepens, with documents showing he was warned in advance about taking and reporting payments from foreign governments

--in a fascinating in-depth interview, Trevor Aaronson details his 4-part series at The Intercept on the theatrics of most domestic terrorism cases

--senators who took field trip to White House for North Korea briefing were underwhelmed

--2 more American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan

--Russian intelligence ship sinks after collision with sheep freighter, no deaths

--in new open letter, intelligence veterans remain skeptical about claims of Syrian responsibility for April 4 chemical incident

--2 of Louisiana’s last 3 abortion clinics will remain open, after federal judge blocks pretextual law

--Net Neutrality is on the chopping block at FCC

--United settles with man who was violently ejected from flight, and sets new policies, including payments for lost baggage