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PBC News & Comment: Sally Yates Smears Flynn, Still No Public Evidence

In delayed testimony, former acting AG Sally Yates says Mike Flynn was compromised by “underlying conduct”, but that’s still secret…..--analysis at The Intercept: Yates testimony shows White House lied about Flynn

--NY Times also infers that Flynn talked sanctions with Russian ambassador, then lied about it, but we have no evidence

--James Clapper admits that only 3 agencies—not 17—reviewed Russia hack claims, and that FBI cut him out of FISA warrant for Carter Page

--Robert Parry at Consortium News offers the most objective analysis, with historical parallels to McCarthyism; read his recent reports here and here

--FBI admits that Comey made inaccurate statements about Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop last week

--my old pal Paul Waldman, a Clinton supporter, unloads on Comey in WashPost

--a handful of privacy advocates in Congress is working to restore some of our 4th amendment rights, reports Charlie Savage

--first appeals court hears arguments on Trump travel ban 2

--Trump breaks with Turkey, says US will arm Kurds in Syria

--New South Korean president tries to reduce tensions with North, and doesn’t want US anti-missile system, THAAD

--listener John Zweibel in Hawaii is concerned about THAAD and its myths, and wrote this blog post about it

--13 white guys will form Senate GOP Obamacare death panel

--David Shulkin, new head of VA, may be the only Trump cabinet officer who’s not trying to dismantle his agency, reports NY Times