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PBC News & Comment: Sally Yates Smears Flynn, Still No Public Evidence

In delayed testimony, former acting AG Sally Yates says Mike Flynn was compromised by “underlying conduct”, but that’s still secret…..analysis at The Intercept: Yates testimony shows White House lied about Flynn

NY Times also infers that Flynn talked sanctions with Russian ambassador, then lied about it, but we have no evidence

–James Clapper admits that only 3 agencies—not 17—reviewed Russia hack claims, and that FBI cut him out of FISA warrant for Carter Page

–Robert Parry at Consortium News offers the most objective analysis, with historical parallels to McCarthyism; read his recent reports here and here

–FBI admits that Comey made inaccurate statements about Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop last week

–my old pal Paul Waldman, a Clinton supporter, unloads on Comey in WashPost

–a handful of privacy advocates in Congress is working to restore some of our 4th amendment rights, reports Charlie Savage

–first appeals court hears arguments on Trump travel ban 2

–Trump breaks with Turkey, says US will arm Kurds in Syria

–New South Korean president tries to reduce tensions with North, and doesn’t want US anti-missile system, THAAD

–listener John Zweibel in Hawaii is concerned about THAAD and its myths, and wrote this blog post about it

–13 white guys will form Senate GOP Obamacare death panel

–David Shulkin, new head of VA, may be the only Trump cabinet officer who’s not trying to dismantle his agency, reports NY Times