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PBC News & Comment: Paul Ryan Leads Healthcare “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin’s imagined “death panels” become real, as CBO shows Obamacare repeal will dump 23 million—which Ryan calls “rescue mission”….--Congressional Budget Office—run by GOP stalwart—exposes the lies behind Republican scheme to finance tax cuts by slashing health spending

----Trump budget plan aims to cut safety net for citizens and immigrants while increasing funding for detention, deportation and border agents

--even in tech-rich San Francisco, 23% of residents live with food insecurity

--GOP candidate in Montana House special election attacks reporter on the eve of the election

--best news this week: Joe Lieberman withdraws name from FBI director candidates

--Pentagon investigation into 100+ civilian deaths in Mosul blames Islamic State weapons cache

--Philippine boss Duterte expands martial law, issues sweeping death threats

--senators from both parties blast Trump for encouraging Duterte’s drug war

--Trump attends NATO summit, hammers 23 of 28 members as deadbeats

--Trump, who is both a skilled leaker and a major victim of leaks, threatens leaker who gave Manchester info to NY Times

--The Times has fresh, unsourced leaks to advance the narrative of unproven conspiracy theories about Trump/Russia

--former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort turns over some requested documents to committees as House issues subpoenas

--Vice runs with claims of unseen Russian document said to have triggered Comey’s decision to announce no charges in Clinton email investigation

--Carter Page is subject of report at Washington Post on how he joined Trump team

--Robert Parry uses Page’s story to highlight Left-driven new McCarthyism

--Listeners react on Seth Rich story

--Vice runs important story on 7 states where only one abortion clinic remains

--Here in California, activists are forcing lapdog utilities commission to review the utility-friendly deal to shut down San Onofre nuke plant