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PBC News & Comment: At Standing Rock, Police State Tactics Confirmed

Military contractor TigerSwan collaborated with state and federal agencies to surveil, break up, and smear pipeline protesters under Obama administration…–excellent reporting by The Intercept, read it here

–in latest chapter of leak-based, evidence-free reporting, Jared Kushner is accused of trying to set up secret back channel to Putin

–reported White House staff shuffle starts with resignation of communications director we never heard of, Michael Dubke

–DHS boss Kelly defends Kushner, warns of airline laptop ban in the works

–as we tipped last week, Trump’s deals with Saudis include corrupt scheme to rebuild US infrastructure with Saudi cash and Trump’s cronies

–also in the Happy Kingdom, SecState Rexxon Tillerson—who promised to recuse himself from Exxon-Mobil matters–was present for signing of Exxon-Saudi pact, reports Steve Horn

–at Counterpunch, Jim Kavanaugh makes direct connection between Manchester bombing and the Obama-Clinton blunder in Libya

–Hillary Clinton gave a speech at Wellesley graduation, didn’t mention Libya

–Europe airs out after Trump’s sharp-elbow tour, new French leader Macron talks tough to Putin

–Merkel signals that Europe can no longer rely on US, without naming 45

–in 10-3 decision, appeals court rejects Trump’s revised travel ban

–on same day, State Dept. quietly opens the drawbridge for some refugees, but says move is not related to court ruling

–in Austin, legislators scuffle, threaten gun violence during debate over anti-sanctuary bill

–in Minneapolis, man arrested for fare jumping on light rail faces deportation

–almost 3 years after he killed Tamir Rice, Cleveland cop is fired

–Zbigniew Brzesinski, the Democrats’ Kissinger who gave Jimmy Carter bad advice, dies at 89

–former CIA asset and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is dead at 83