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PBC News & Comment: At Standing Rock, Police State Tactics Confirmed

Military contractor TigerSwan collaborated with state and federal agencies to surveil, break up, and smear pipeline protesters under Obama administration…--excellent reporting by The Intercept, read it here

--in latest chapter of leak-based, evidence-free reporting, Jared Kushner is accused of trying to set up secret back channel to Putin

--reported White House staff shuffle starts with resignation of communications director we never heard of, Michael Dubke

--DHS boss Kelly defends Kushner, warns of airline laptop ban in the works

--as we tipped last week, Trump’s deals with Saudis include corrupt scheme to rebuild US infrastructure with Saudi cash and Trump’s cronies

--also in the Happy Kingdom, SecState Rexxon Tillerson—who promised to recuse himself from Exxon-Mobil matters--was present for signing of Exxon-Saudi pact, reports Steve Horn

--at Counterpunch, Jim Kavanaugh makes direct connection between Manchester bombing and the Obama-Clinton blunder in Libya

--Hillary Clinton gave a speech at Wellesley graduation, didn’t mention Libya

--Europe airs out after Trump’s sharp-elbow tour, new French leader Macron talks tough to Putin

--Merkel signals that Europe can no longer rely on US, without naming 45

--in 10-3 decision, appeals court rejects Trump’s revised travel ban

--on same day, State Dept. quietly opens the drawbridge for some refugees, but says move is not related to court ruling

--in Austin, legislators scuffle, threaten gun violence during debate over anti-sanctuary bill

--in Minneapolis, man arrested for fare jumping on light rail faces deportation

--almost 3 years after he killed Tamir Rice, Cleveland cop is fired

--Zbigniew Brzesinski, the Democrats’ Kissinger who gave Jimmy Carter bad advice, dies at 89

--former CIA asset and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is dead at 83