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PBC News & Comment: The Intercept Burned a Secret Source, Hurt Its Cred

Leaked NSA document is another evidence-free episode in Trump/Russia saga, did The Intercept compromise its alleged source, Reality Winner?....--the article accompanying the 1-page document offers zero skepticism of a thin, phishy disclosure

--The Intercept claims it didn’t know its source, and adds cautionary language that wasn’t in their report

--rogue journalist Caitlin Johnson provides a great service, indexing all of the reasons to be skeptical of Trump/Russia narrative, starting with “no proof”

--Trump declines to invoke executive privilege to block Comey testimony, but threatens to live-tweet

--45’s Twitter addiction is causing international problems, now with Qatar

--Teen Vogue, yes, a teen fashion magazine, upstages corporate media with critical review of Obama’s drone killing record

--civilian death rates surge under Trump war policies

--as poll numbers lip before Thursday election Theresa May talks tough, Trump-ish

--Stanford researcher Michal Kosinski helped create the social media data operations that may have given Trump the edge in campaign, read it here

--Apple’s Homepod joins Amazon Echo and other toys that help supply the big data that can be used against us