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PBC News & Comment: Comey Preview: Sparks Will Fly

Comey’s statement was leaked—er, pre-released—by Senate committee, will provoke GOP questions about why he didn’t resign or protest….–Comey’s prepared statement is here

–Trump’s got room on his Thursday schedule to tweet back at Comey

–like lying tobacco execs, today’s parade of spooks dodged questions about Trump’s efforts to get them to defend him in Russia investigation

–Maine Sen. Angus King got angry, still was rebuffed

–Trump tweets that he’ll nominate former Justice Dept official Christopher Wray to run FBI

–in Tehran, brazen attacks on Parliament and Ayatollah monument shock the region, Iran blames Saudis and US

–FBI says that (nonstate) Russian hackers spread fake news that sparked crisis with Qatar

–in visit to Cincinnati to talk about building infrastructure, Trump works to dismantle Obamacare with no defined substitute

–widespread criticism of The Intercept for burning Reality Winner from NY Times, Kevin Gosztola, and Peter Van Buren