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PBC News & Comment: Comey Preview: Sparks Will Fly

Comey’s statement was leaked—er, pre-released—by Senate committee, will provoke GOP questions about why he didn’t resign or protest….--Comey’s prepared statement is here

--Trump’s got room on his Thursday schedule to tweet back at Comey

--like lying tobacco execs, today’s parade of spooks dodged questions about Trump’s efforts to get them to defend him in Russia investigation

--Maine Sen. Angus King got angry, still was rebuffed

--Trump tweets that he’ll nominate former Justice Dept official Christopher Wray to run FBI

--in Tehran, brazen attacks on Parliament and Ayatollah monument shock the region, Iran blames Saudis and US

--FBI says that (nonstate) Russian hackers spread fake news that sparked crisis with Qatar

--in visit to Cincinnati to talk about building infrastructure, Trump works to dismantle Obamacare with no defined substitute

--widespread criticism of The Intercept for burning Reality Winner from NY Times, Kevin Gosztola, and Peter Van Buren