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PBC News & Comment: Comey’s Halo Fades in Senate Testimony

Comey’s no saint, while his testimony painted Trump as lying con man, there was no fatal blow, Comey hurt himself….–Comey is tagged by Trumpers as “leaker”, and he didn’t help by saying his release of Trump notes was intended to press for special counsel

–Trump is portrayed by Paul Ryan as “inexperienced” but PBC thinks Trump is a skilled extortionist

–in today’s tweets, Trump continues to contradict aides who defend him, leaving impression they can’t get the story straight

–hearing was held before lunch, but John McCain was already out to lunch

–as Trump lawyer threatens action against Comey, does he qualify for protection as a whistleblower?

–as the nation was absorbed by Comey show, GOP-led House passed measure to scuttle Dodd-Frank law, GOP senators meet secretly to dismantle Obamacare

–Kevin Gosztola lists other important stories that got buried this week

–stoked by Trump, squabble among Persian Gulf dictators continues, with hacking and leaking as central features

–British PM Theresa May loses big in June “snap election”, leaving her weakened as Brexit talks approach

–as Chelsea Manning gives first major TV interview, Reality Winner is arraigned, and prosecutors spill mud

–in important investigative report, Robert Parry details credible claims by MIT Prof. Ted Postol that Trump and New York Times used false evidence in Syria gas incident

Washington Post reports that US is using chemical weapons—white phosphorous munitions—in Syria and Iraq

–your humble host spent 4 days on jury duty this week, and comments on the experience