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PBC News & Comment: Is America Ready for a Progressive Party?

At People’s Summit in Chicago, union leader DeMoro tries to “corner” Bernie Sanders into forming a third party, will he?....--Medea Benjamin posted this thoughtful analysis

--Sanders, Tom Frank and Van Jones delivered blistering criticism of Dem establishment, but Green Party leader Jill Stein was excluded

--Trump’s attack on Comey as a “leaker” is widely dismissed in MSM, but law professor Jonathan Turley makes a pretty serious case

--Theresa May’s shotgun wedding of Conservatives with DUP and weakened position produce call for pause in Brexit talks

--Russia arrests Putin adversary Navalny as anti-Kremlin protests pop up across the country

--3 American soldiers killed in insider attack in Afghanistan

--in Persian Gulf squabble, tensions ease as Qatar hires former Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate funding for terrorist groups

--current AG J. Beauregard Sessions will testify publicly on Tuesday at Senate Intel hearing

--rejecting the wisdom of Sessions, large and small police departments are treating opioid abuse epidemic as health crisis that won’t be solved by incarceration

--Sessions issued a bizarre opinion on Trump’s violations of emoluments clause, as Maryland and DC governments sue over 45’s business conflicts

--San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit appeals court rules 3-0 against Trump travel ban, for different reasons than Virginia court

--in report that actually names its source, NY Times says the cyberwar against Islamic State is a loser

--Standing Rock Sioux win award from Wallace Global Fund for Standing Rock protests

--Uber faces pressure from Egypt to share rider data with secret police, as Uber’s board fires top exec and considers putting founder Kalanick on the street