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PBC News & Comment: Is America Ready for a Progressive Party?

At People’s Summit in Chicago, union leader DeMoro tries to “corner” Bernie Sanders into forming a third party, will he?….–Medea Benjamin posted this thoughtful analysis

–Sanders, Tom Frank and Van Jones delivered blistering criticism of Dem establishment, but Green Party leader Jill Stein was excluded

–Trump’s attack on Comey as a “leaker” is widely dismissed in MSM, but law professor Jonathan Turley makes a pretty serious case

–Theresa May’s shotgun wedding of Conservatives with DUP and weakened position produce call for pause in Brexit talks

–Russia arrests Putin adversary Navalny as anti-Kremlin protests pop up across the country

–3 American soldiers killed in insider attack in Afghanistan

–in Persian Gulf squabble, tensions ease as Qatar hires former Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate funding for terrorist groups

–current AG J. Beauregard Sessions will testify publicly on Tuesday at Senate Intel hearing

–rejecting the wisdom of Sessions, large and small police departments are treating opioid abuse epidemic as health crisis that won’t be solved by incarceration

–Sessions issued a bizarre opinion on Trump’s violations of emoluments clause, as Maryland and DC governments sue over 45’s business conflicts

–San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit appeals court rules 3-0 against Trump travel ban, for different reasons than Virginia court

–in report that actually names its source, NY Times says the cyberwar against Islamic State is a loser

–Standing Rock Sioux win award from Wallace Global Fund for Standing Rock protests

–Uber faces pressure from Egypt to share rider data with secret police, as Uber’s board fires top exec and considers putting founder Kalanick on the street