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PBC News & Comment: Trump Impeachment Resolution Filed in House

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) alleges obstruction of justice in Comey firing as first impeachment resolution is introduced in the House….–you can read the resolution here

–MSDNC goes bonkers over rumor started by Newsmax boss that Trump is considering sacking special counsel Mueller

–deputy AG Rosenstein says he would only fire Mueller for just cause

–AG Sessions dodges questions in Senate hearing, adhering to rules of executive privilege, after saying it has not been invoked

–senators reach agreement on new sanctions on Iran and Russia, seeking to limit Trump discretion to lift sanctions imposed by Obama

–McCain plays mad dog, threatens defense secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis over strategy in Afghanistan

–new study shows that only about one fifth of US drone strikes are publicly known

–judge agrees to hear new evidence in infamous “Lodi mosque” case, one of the early domestic terror convictions based on paid FBI informant and proven liar

–in cabinet meeting, Trump basked in the slobbering praise of his appointees

–Trump immigration policies are schizoid: 17,000 new Dreamers approved, as ICE gets aggressive in deporting asylum claimants before hearings

–Coincidence? Senate imposes new restrictions on media interviews, at same time that secret GOP team is drafting health care bill

–Sandy Hook parents dump Megyn Kelly as fundraiser host in reaction to upcoming interview with Alex Jones

–lefty news anchor Lee Camp responds to NY Times smear piece that painted him as a Russian agent

–Facebook user slams your humble host, asks if he is Russian agent

–Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick takes leave to retool himself

–new study shows that Uber and Lyft cars are adding measurably to traffic jams in San Francisco