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PBC News & Comment: Trump Blurts Out Truth: GOP Health Plan is “Mean”

Mercurial orange madman pisses on himself and GOP leaders, calling House health bill he helped ram through in May “mean” ……--Trump continues to sabotage Obamacare, and now he is sabotaging his own party; likely results will be healthcare debacle, GOP losses in 2018; read Jennifer Rubin’s column here

--GOP congressman who led repeal of rule restricting gun sales to mentally ill is among wounded in shooting that targeted Republicans in DC susburb

--the shooter was a Trump hater and Sanders lover, so this incident will be blamed on the “liberal disease”

--sexist, partisan, hateful reactions to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) for her tough questioning of Jeff Sessions yesterday

--liberals join the effort to censor Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones

--if you can help Tom Sebourn, click here

--Dems in Congress file 3rd lawsuit against Trump related to emoluments clause

--in Virginia primary, moderates win in race for governor

--Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder escapes indictment for Flint water scandal, but his appointed emergency manager is charged with involuntary manslaughter

--at EPA, Trump’s wrecking crew delays federal air pollution rule, and some American beautiful babies will be sickened or killed

--listener Jerry Fresia offers some good arguments against forming a 3rd party