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PBC News & Comment: Oliver Stone Challenges Russophobia

Interview series with Vladimir Putin displays a smart, well-informed leader and presents his perspective on US and world issues….–Stone is quirky and egotistical, but asks some good questions and lets Putin talk

–in Colbert interview, Stone says Israel had more involvement in US election than Russia, drawing false charges of anti-Semitism

–Stone recently received the Gary Webb Award from editor Robert Parry, who posted comments on Putin’s version of Ukraine coup

–based on US intel “assessments”, Buzzfeed says Putin likely ordered assassination of Russian financier in England in 2012

–Senate approves new sanctions on Russia 97-2, based on intel “assessments” and no public evidence of election interference; Rand Paul and Mike Lee voted No

Washington Post uses unnamed FBI sources to report that special counsel Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice in Comey firing

NY Times is more circumspect, saying there are “indications” of Trump probe

–and, of course, Trump compulsively tweets insult at Mueller, appearing to confirm the reports

–AG Jeff Sessions channeled his GOP predecessor, Alberto Gonzalez, in ducking questions at Senate hearing, as US lobbyist for Russia contradicts Sessions

–NSA Director Mike Rogers is on Mueller interview list, and in May he told NSA meeting that he had rebuffed Trump request to exonerate him, Daily Mail reports

–Human Rights Watch levels fresh allegations of US using white phosphorous in Iraq and Syria

–last week, Trump joined Saudi Arabia in slamming Qatar for funding terrorists, and today it’s announced that US will sell $12 billion worth of fighter jets to….Qatar

–in defending his first travel ban decree, Trump said he wanted to protect Christians from persecution….but ICE just rounded up 200 Iraqi Christians for deportation

–father of student release by North Korea expresses outrage over his treatment, and Obama’s failure to bring home Otto Warmbier

–alt-diplomat Dennis Rodman brought Kim Jong Un a copy of Art of the Deal, but hasn’t met with Kim yet

–some US troops reported in Philippines conflict zone

–federal judge orders review of permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

–another Mexican journalist has been murdered for covering drug cartels

–History Channel is airing 3-part series, America’s War on Drugs, starting Sunday June 18 at 9pm EDT

–PBS propaganda alert: funded by conservative foundations, the public network is airing 3-part series on Betsy DeVos agenda to privatize schools