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PBC News & Comment: House Panel Votes to Cancel 9/11 Blank Check

Rep. Barbara Lee wins key vote to repeal 2001 Authorization for Military Force, which was abused by Obama and Bush….--House panel is nearly unanimous in limiting Trump’s military powers, after enabling Obama and Bush to abuse it in Libya, Yemen, Syria

--Kris Kobach, GOP voter suppression guru, is rebuffed by secretaries of state after sweeping request for voter data

--federal judge just convicted Kobach of lying about Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to vote, fines him $1000

--Trump’s Twitter war with Mika and Joe is annoying distraction, but did Crown Prince Jared try to blackmail them over National Enquirer story?

--as GOP senators recalculate the route to tax cuts, funded by health cuts, supporters of single payer in California are misleading supporters about SB562, and David Dayan gives the straight scoop

--other reporters at The Intercept deserve credit for exposing unlicensed security firm hired to bust up Standing Rock protest

--in our latest in-depth interview about their new book on Abu Zubaydeh, Joe Hickman and John Kiriakou reveal how they were burned by reporter Matthew Cole, who is now at The Intercept

--Trump uses heavy-handed tactics to pressure China to pressure North Korea, and the Chinese are pissed

--Trump and Putin will meet next week at G-20 summit

--Wall Street Journal reports that longtime GOP trickster Peter Smith asked Russian hackers to cough up missing Clinton emails, said he was working with Mike Flynn

--new German law will fine Facebook and others if they don’t remove hate speech promptly

--ProPublica reveals the secret censorship rules Facebook uses to decide what constitutes “hate speech”, and some rules are bizarre