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PBC News & Comment: House Panel Votes to Cancel 9/11 Blank Check

Rep. Barbara Lee wins key vote to repeal 2001 Authorization for Military Force, which was abused by Obama and Bush….–House panel is nearly unanimous in limiting Trump’s military powers, after enabling Obama and Bush to abuse it in Libya, Yemen, Syria

–Kris Kobach, GOP voter suppression guru, is rebuffed by secretaries of state after sweeping request for voter data

–federal judge just convicted Kobach of lying about Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to vote, fines him $1000

–Trump’s Twitter war with Mika and Joe is annoying distraction, but did Crown Prince Jared try to blackmail them over National Enquirer story?

–as GOP senators recalculate the route to tax cuts, funded by health cuts, supporters of single payer in California are misleading supporters about SB562, and David Dayan gives the straight scoop

–other reporters at The Intercept deserve credit for exposing unlicensed security firm hired to bust up Standing Rock protest

–in our latest in-depth interview about their new book on Abu Zubaydeh, Joe Hickman and John Kiriakou reveal how they were burned by reporter Matthew Cole, who is now at The Intercept

–Trump uses heavy-handed tactics to pressure China to pressure North Korea, and the Chinese are pissed

–Trump and Putin will meet next week at G-20 summit

Wall Street Journal reports that longtime GOP trickster Peter Smith asked Russian hackers to cough up missing Clinton emails, said he was working with Mike Flynn

–new German law will fine Facebook and others if they don’t remove hate speech promptly

ProPublica reveals the secret censorship rules Facebook uses to decide what constitutes “hate speech”, and some rules are bizarre