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PBC News & Comment: Trump Leaves Twitter Stench As He Jets Off to Summit

Trump heads for G20 summit likely to embarrass us further, in wake of stinky tweets attacking CNN and China….–Trump will meet with Putin, Xi, and others in Hamburg as his staff and average Americans cringe in expectation of more idiocy

–for China, Trump piled on to last weeks bank sanctions and Taiwan arms sale with tweets that blame China for latest North Korean missile launch

–his childish tweet of video of Donnie taking down CNN in WWF video triggers waves of media coverage and distraction…can’t MSM just ignore him? Vice, Buzzfeed and Greenwald air out claim of “CNN blackmail” of video’s creator

Washington Post recaps Trump’s views on North Korea and WWF award, based on Fox & Friends show from 2013

Guardian fans embers of Trump/Russia narrative with report on alleged internet trolls who generated fake news about Clinton

–in big ads in NY Times, MSNBC brags about its ratings, based on ruthless exploitation of the evidence-free Trump/Russia narrative

–corporate media outlets report that “more than 40 states” are refusing to share data with Kris Kobach’s “voter fraud” panel, but Greg Palast reports that at least 28 of them already shared the data in the “Interstate Crosscheck scam”

–Qatar stands its ground, as Saudis and allies press for shutdown of al Jazeera and other demands

–GOP senators lay low as they continue to plot dismantling of Obamacare

–Omar Khader, imprisoned by US as a teenager in Afghanistan and Guantanamo finally gerts an apology and $8 million—from Canada

–Virginia is planning cruel and unusual execution tomorrow with secret drug mix

–new “Kate’s Law” passed by House would not have saved its namesake, Kate Steinle, says San Francisco public defender

–Volvo will shift to electric and hybrid cars in 2019