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PBC News & Comment: Gov. Moonbeam to Host 2018 Climate Conference

Gov. Jerry Brown will host San Francisco climate conference just before he retires; do his policies match his environmental evangelism?…–California Supreme Court recently upheld Schwarzenegger’s cap and trade plan

–in detailed report, In These Times explains that Brown is negotiating an extension of cap and trade, but seems to be talking only to industry representatives

–in op-ed, watchdog group questions funding and makeup of Brown’s delegation to China on recent trip

–in Warsaw speech and news conference, Trump talks tough about Russia, and blames Obama for any Russian interference in election

Vice reports that Russia is arming Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

–our latest in-depth interview features Prof. Corey Dolgon, about his insightful new book, Kill It To Save It; in this excerpt, he talks about Paul Ryan’s comments that poverty is a choice

–at Alternet, Steven Rosenfeld notes that Trump’s “voter fraud” panel is a front for more voter suppression measures

–18 states sue Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos for suspending rules on for-profit colleges

–at The Guardian, Naomi Klein warns that the Shock Doctrine is aimed at the US now

–Trevor Aaronson at The Intercept reveals the paid FBI informant who ran wire fraud scams while on the payroll

–the Bible-thumpers at Hobby Lobby get caught with illegal Iraqi artifacts

–top government ethics watchdog is resigning, maybe Baron Trump will take over

–new conservative columnist at NY Times roasts anti-intellectual conservatives, esp. Sean Hannity