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PBC News & Comment: Gov. Moonbeam to Host 2018 Climate Conference

Gov. Jerry Brown will host San Francisco climate conference just before he retires; do his policies match his environmental evangelism?...--California Supreme Court recently upheld Schwarzenegger’s cap and trade plan

--in detailed report, In These Times explains that Brown is negotiating an extension of cap and trade, but seems to be talking only to industry representatives

--in op-ed, watchdog group questions funding and makeup of Brown’s delegation to China on recent trip

--in Warsaw speech and news conference, Trump talks tough about Russia, and blames Obama for any Russian interference in election

--Vice reports that Russia is arming Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

--our latest in-depth interview features Prof. Corey Dolgon, about his insightful new book, Kill It To Save It; in this excerpt, he talks about Paul Ryan’s comments that poverty is a choice

--at Alternet, Steven Rosenfeld notes that Trump’s “voter fraud” panel is a front for more voter suppression measures

--18 states sue Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos for suspending rules on for-profit colleges

--at The Guardian, Naomi Klein warns that the Shock Doctrine is aimed at the US now

--Trevor Aaronson at The Intercept reveals the paid FBI informant who ran wire fraud scams while on the payroll

--the Bible-thumpers at Hobby Lobby get caught with illegal Iraqi artifacts

--top government ethics watchdog is resigning, maybe Baron Trump will take over

--new conservative columnist at NY Times roasts anti-intellectual conservatives, esp. Sean Hannity