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PBC News & Comment: Rachel Maddow Acknowledges Trump/Russia Skeptics

For first time, Maddow acknowledges some of The Intercept’s skeptical reporting on her unproven Trump/Russia telenovelas and exposes entrapment attempt….–Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have scored big ratings by exploiting leak-based, evidence-free narratives about Trump/Russia without including skeptical voices; Glenn Greenwald responds

–Trump meets Putin in Hamburg, and Rexxon Tillerson says he pressed Putin on alleged election meddling

–there also was some agreement on a partial cease-fire in Syria and exploration of “safe zones”

–Robert Parry comments on US mainstream media, “still living in Propaganda-ville”

–Tillerson heads to Kuwait to attempt mediation between Qatar and its former allies

–Tillerson may be deposed in NY state investigation into ExxonMobil, for lying to shareholders about climate change

NY Times points out that the largest health care subsidy is to employers, and says reducing it could reduce costs; article fails to mention plans to end employer mandate

–Paul Krugman labels GOP “Decepticons” on Obamacare repeal

–new worldwide epidemic of untreatable gonorrea hits just as GOP threatens to cut Planned Parenthood

–federal judge in Hawaii declines to define terms for Trump travel ban