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PBC News & Comment: Rachel Maddow Acknowledges Trump/Russia Skeptics

For first time, Maddow acknowledges some of The Intercept’s skeptical reporting on her unproven Trump/Russia telenovelas and exposes entrapment attempt….--Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have scored big ratings by exploiting leak-based, evidence-free narratives about Trump/Russia without including skeptical voices; Glenn Greenwald responds

--Trump meets Putin in Hamburg, and Rexxon Tillerson says he pressed Putin on alleged election meddling

--there also was some agreement on a partial cease-fire in Syria and exploration of “safe zones”

--Robert Parry comments on US mainstream media, “still living in Propaganda-ville”

--Tillerson heads to Kuwait to attempt mediation between Qatar and its former allies

--Tillerson may be deposed in NY state investigation into ExxonMobil, for lying to shareholders about climate change

--NY Times points out that the largest health care subsidy is to employers, and says reducing it could reduce costs; article fails to mention plans to end employer mandate

--Paul Krugman labels GOP “Decepticons” on Obamacare repeal

--new worldwide epidemic of untreatable gonorrea hits just as GOP threatens to cut Planned Parenthood

--federal judge in Hawaii declines to define terms for Trump travel ban