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PBC News & Comment: New Report Says DNC Data Were Leaked, Not Hacked

Detailed analysis of metadata from Guccifer’s DNC files support arguments by Bill Binney, others that info was leaked by insider….–read the report by “The Forensicator” here

NY Times makes big deal out of June, 2016 meeting that Don Trump Jr. had with Russian lawyer who dangled dirt on Hillary

–in effort to distract, again, Trump tweets attacks on former FBI boss Comey

–in rash of tweets Sunday, Trump floated idea of joint US-Russian cyber security team, and after getting a rash of shit, he tweets, “never mind”

–at ConsortiumNews, Rick Sterling lists 10 problems with the Trump/Russia narrative

The Intercept exposes the Kushners’ desperate efforts to refinance Jared’s losing deal for 666 Fifth Avenue in NYC, pitching Qatar and China during and after election

–in Kiev, Rex Tillerson plays bad cop with Russia, says sanctions will remain until Russia complies with Minsk agreement

–the ceasefire that Trump and Putin agreed to has begun in part of Syria

–Iraqi leader claims victory over IS in Mosul

–an estimated one million Turks protested in Istanbul Sunday

–Senate resumes inaction on Obamacare repeal, as NY Times details the damage to each state if GOP plan becomes law in interactive report

–investigation of Jane Sanders and Burlington College started as political attack, now gains momentum

–AG Sessions visits Guantanamo, and ignores that it contributes to jihadi anger

–Roger Shuler observes 10 years of blogging, exposing corruption in Alabama at great personal cost. If you can help, please donate here