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PBC News & Comment: New Report Says DNC Data Were Leaked, Not Hacked

Detailed analysis of metadata from Guccifer’s DNC files support arguments by Bill Binney, others that info was leaked by insider….--read the report by “The Forensicator” here

--NY Times makes big deal out of June, 2016 meeting that Don Trump Jr. had with Russian lawyer who dangled dirt on Hillary

--in effort to distract, again, Trump tweets attacks on former FBI boss Comey

--in rash of tweets Sunday, Trump floated idea of joint US-Russian cyber security team, and after getting a rash of shit, he tweets, “never mind”

--at ConsortiumNews, Rick Sterling lists 10 problems with the Trump/Russia narrative

--The Intercept exposes the Kushners’ desperate efforts to refinance Jared’s losing deal for 666 Fifth Avenue in NYC, pitching Qatar and China during and after election

--in Kiev, Rex Tillerson plays bad cop with Russia, says sanctions will remain until Russia complies with Minsk agreement

--the ceasefire that Trump and Putin agreed to has begun in part of Syria

--Iraqi leader claims victory over IS in Mosul

--an estimated one million Turks protested in Istanbul Sunday

--Senate resumes inaction on Obamacare repeal, as NY Times details the damage to each state if GOP plan becomes law in interactive report

--investigation of Jane Sanders and Burlington College started as political attack, now gains momentum

--AG Sessions visits Guantanamo, and ignores that it contributes to jihadi anger

--Roger Shuler observes 10 years of blogging, exposing corruption in Alabama at great personal cost. If you can help, please donate here