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PBC News & Comment: First Real Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion Surfaces

Don Trump, Jr. releases email thread that shows he accepted meeting to learn about Clinton dirt provided by Russian prosecutor…..--echoing Watergate, 45 will be asked: what did you know, and when did you know it

--Don, Jr and Jared were arrogant amateurs, but did they insulate Trump?

--the email thread is here

--Robert Parry notes that Clinton allies paid $1 million or more for Steele dossier

--in new, in-depth interview, former Green Party presidential candidate, and 2016 Stein campaign manager David Cobb talks about domestic causes of election manipulation, and his new revolution training workshops

--Cobb also talked about Trump’s penchant for privatizing government services, like the war in Afghanistan

--NY Times exposes key lobbyists and connections to Trump’s wrecking crew

--McConnell delays Senate recess, by 2 weeks, blames Dems

--Rexxon Tillerson mediates with Qatar, will try to sell deal to Saudis and pals

--Pentagon seems to be out of the loop on cease fire in Syria

--The Intercept takes some blame for Reality Winner fiasco, offers help with lawyers but doesn’t blame Matthew Cole

--just before GOP tries to shut it down, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau restores our right to sue, instead of binding arbitration

--Trump’s FBI Director pick, Chis Wray, faces first hearing tomorrow