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In-Depth Interview: Green Party Leader David Cobb on American Meddling in 2016 Election, and His Vision for Revolution

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Reconnecting with visionary progressive leader David Cobb, we get an insider view of the manipulation of the 2016 election by Americans, the results of partial recounts in 3 states, and his new project training nonviolent revolutionaries.Cobb was the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2004, and enabled the Ohio recount that showed that John Kerry would’ve won Ohio and the election if he hadn’t conceded.  Cobb was campaign manager for the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in 2016, and was deeply involved in the recount efforts that were mounted in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Cobb is very effective at the local level, too; with a great team of election integrity activists, he’s helped make elections in Humboldt County, CA models of transparency and credibility.

The first half of our conversation is focused on 2016, and Cobb makes the case that American actors of both major parties used a variety of means to manipulate the outcome of the presidential election, from illegal activities by “independent expenditure” groups to voter suppression schemes to exclusion of third party candidates from debates and coverage, to interference in the vote tabulations and our corrupt campaign finance structure.  He indicts our voting processes for being vulnerable to hackers as well as insiders who limit participation and use unverifiable electronic systems that can be rigged.

In the second half of the podcast, we focus on the Movement School that Cobb has started, conducting workshops for activists, tailored to local needs.  He seeks to build a coalition to confront neo-fascism, drawn from all communities, and offers an excellent contemporary definition of fascism.  We also talk about the complications caused by “anti-fa” anarchists who are used by corporate media to falsely define left activists.

David Cobb invites you to follow him on Facebook, David Keith Cobb.  You can get info on the Movement School at this beta website.

August 2-6, 2017  Minneapolis Movement workshop, info here

August 13-13, Phoenix Movement School, info here