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PBC News & Comment: Why Did Trump Jr. Incriminate Himself?

Donald Trump, Jr’s release of incriminating emails about promise of Russian dirt on Clinton is puzzling, leads to more questions….–White House infighting erupts over Don Jr.’s admissions

–Trump business partner Agalarov depicted as intermediary, was mentioned in Steele dossier prepared for Fusion GPS, which sold the info to Trump opponents at the same time Fusion was working to lift US sanctions on Russia, read about it here

legal experts say Don Jr. broke campaign laws, but it’s not “treason”

–corporate media outlets continue to serve up leak-based speculation

–Trump’s “voter fraud” commission withdraws demand for state voter data, partly because they don’t have a secure place to park it

–nominee for FBI director Chris Wray says he wasn’t asked for loyalty, doesn’t think Mueller is on “witch hunt” as many important questions aren’t asked

–latest FBI “domestic terrorism” bust in Hawaii features multiple undercover agents and informants, and suspect reportedly suffers from combat injuries

–Brazil’s former president Lula is convicted in first of 5 corruption trials

–US brags that THAAD missile defense tests are 14 for 14….be skeptical

–an iceberg the size of Delaware just broke off in Antarctica

–Mike Bloomberg and Jerry Brown collude to persuade state and local governments to abide by Paris climate agreement

–Brown is fighting to extend California’s cap and trade system, and let oil lobbyists write a bill that includes pre-emption of local regulation of pollution

–at The Intercept, David Dayen reports that nurses union is dividing pro-single payer coalition in its fight for legislation

–and a consultant to the nurses union, Robert Pollin, responds