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PBC News & Comment: Calling Out Rachel Maddow’s Reporting

Maddow’s Trump/Russia narrative gets first evidence from Don Jr’s email, but still relies heavily on unproven leaks, anonymous sources…–PBC challenges Maddow narrative from first 5 minutes of her July 12 show

–Trump made the campaign and administration a family affair, with toxic mix of arrogance, inexperience, and desire to please Daddy

–Kushner and Manafort claim they never read the whole email, didn’t know that Clinton dirt was promised for June 9 meeting with Russian lawyer

The Hill reveals important background on Veselnitskaya, including that Obama Justice Dept let her in US without a visa

–at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry delivers back story to US-Russia fight over Magnitsky Act, which may have been based on lies of American billionaire

NY Times runs timeline of Don Jr’s contacts with Veselnitskaya

MintPress News covers “Forensicator” report, and former NSA technical director Bill Binney will comment on Friday’s live Facebook feed

–Mitch McConnell unveils revised death panel bill, as Sens. Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy unveil a competing version

–Trophy wife meets cougar wife, as Donald and Malaria drop in on the Macrons to celebrate Bastille Day in Paris

–AG Sessions announces crackdown on opioid abuse and offers Nancy Reagan bromides as drug policy

–Wednesday saw many websites darkened in campaign against Net Neutrality, and Comcast & Verizon are showering cash on repeal supporters in Congress

–listener John LeFrancois shares important article about Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, whose opposition to regime change wars obscures darker views of Islam, LGBTQ

–Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo becomes second Nobel Peace Prize winner to die in custody

–in New Brunswick, Canada, American volunteer is killed by the whale he rescued