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PBC News & Comment: Divided GOP Couldn’t Kill Obamacare

McCain cast critical vote that stopped GOP effort to kill Obamacare….now they will try to starve it to death….--political fallout will hit many Republican senators who voted “yes”, like Portman, Graham, Capito, Heller, Johnson

--Trump and GOP will try to starve Obamacare into a death spiral, undermining markets and cutting subsidies

--Dems hold together, but face similar splits over “fixing” Obamacare, too many conserva-Dems are afraid of single payer

--in many quarters, McCain is a “hero” for this vote, right after brain cancer diagnosis; but many clear-eyed observers know the Real McCain

--“scaramuccia” is an Italian word that means “unscrupulous and unreliable servant” with an affinity for intrigue….Anthony Scaramucci lives up to his name

--do-nothing Senate managed to pass Russia-Iran-North Korea sanctions

--Russia retaliates by seizing US properties in Moscow, ordering embassy cuts

--Trump telegraphs that he’s trying to create an excuse to withdraw from Iran nuke deal

--North Korea launched another missile, thought to be an ICBM

--listener Debbie Inco in Colorado tips us to Air Force Academy coverup of retaliation against sexual assault response specialists

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that CIA torture consultants have amplified their Nuremberg defense

--following shutdown of CIA covert support to “moderate” Syrian rebels, Gareth Porter exposes how CIA and Hillary pressured Obama

--in direct fallout from Panama Papers, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Sharif is booted from office after corruption investigation

--Pakistan is cracking down on online dissent, as critics are arrested

--at Black Hat confab, new smartphone malware is exposed

--Wells Fargo’s marketing scams included auto loans with insurance that borrowers didn’t know about, leading to more than 20,000 repossessions

--Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene, worth $11 billion, is buying The Atlantic magazine