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PBC News & Comment: Divided GOP Couldn’t Kill Obamacare

McCain cast critical vote that stopped GOP effort to kill Obamacare….now they will try to starve it to death….–political fallout will hit many Republican senators who voted “yes”, like Portman, Graham, Capito, Heller, Johnson

–Trump and GOP will try to starve Obamacare into a death spiral, undermining markets and cutting subsidies

–Dems hold together, but face similar splits over “fixing” Obamacare, too many conserva-Dems are afraid of single payer

–in many quarters, McCain is a “hero” for this vote, right after brain cancer diagnosis; but many clear-eyed observers know the Real McCain

–“scaramuccia” is an Italian word that means “unscrupulous and unreliable servant” with an affinity for intrigue….Anthony Scaramucci lives up to his name

–do-nothing Senate managed to pass Russia-Iran-North Korea sanctions

–Russia retaliates by seizing US properties in Moscow, ordering embassy cuts

–Trump telegraphs that he’s trying to create an excuse to withdraw from Iran nuke deal

–North Korea launched another missile, thought to be an ICBM

–listener Debbie Inco in Colorado tips us to Air Force Academy coverup of retaliation against sexual assault response specialists

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that CIA torture consultants have amplified their Nuremberg defense

–following shutdown of CIA covert support to “moderate” Syrian rebels, Gareth Porter exposes how CIA and Hillary pressured Obama

–in direct fallout from Panama Papers, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Sharif is booted from office after corruption investigation

–Pakistan is cracking down on online dissent, as critics are arrested

–at Black Hat confab, new smartphone malware is exposed

–Wells Fargo’s marketing scams included auto loans with insurance that borrowers didn’t know about, leading to more than 20,000 repossessions

–Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene, worth $11 billion, is buying The Atlantic magazine