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PBC News & Comment: Trump Tweets “No Chaos at WH”, Then Fires Mooch

Kelly’s first move as Chief of Staff is to dump Scaramucci, well-deserved but pointless effort to stabilize unstable Don…--like a Mafia Don, Trump offers zero loyalty and universal contempt

--45’s comical tweets seem needed to persuade the Tweeter in Chief that he is doing great

--new White House chief was on the payroll of Dyncorp just last year, and its CEO Steve Feinberg is angling to privately manage Afghan war

--former Reagan cabinet official David Stockmann uses a Trump tweet to argue that the covert ops Trump is ending in Syria are “McCain’s War

--in our new in-depth interview, we deliver straight talk about McCain with Cliff Schecter, author of The Real McCain

--at The Intercept, an important report on Dem think tanks that generate revenue by supporting UAE dictatorship, naming Michelle Flournoy and John Podesta’s Center for American Progress

--Putin retaliates to new US sanctions by expelling hundreds of US “diplomats”

--new focus on Podesta email thread in March 2015, where Clinton’s top aide Cherryl Mills tells Podesta, “we’re gonna have to dump all those emails"

--Sunday’s election in Venezuela gives Maduro more power, and US media say dictatorship looms

--Israel’s top court upholds modest sentence for soldier Elor Azaria, who was caught on video executing Palestinian arrestee; Netanyahu proposes a pardon

--UK court rules that Tony Blair can’t be prosecuted for Iraq war