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PBC News & Comment: California Server Company Resists Sweeping Warrant

Dreamhost, the company that hosts this podcast, is fighting DOJ warrant demanding IP addresses of 1.3 million who visited anti-Trump site….--in covering Oklahoma City FBI sting, most media outlets just parrot FBI press release, like BuzzFeed; DailyBeast dug deeper, suspect is mentally ill

--Kim Jong Un dials back threat to aim missiles at Guam

--in new, in-depth interview, independent journalist Pepe Escobar returns, and says Chinese leader Xi Jinpeng has quietly defused the Trump-Kim confrontation

--Escobar also notes that Trump’s threats and bluffs are hardening positions in Iran, Venezuela

--in the interview, Escobar also mentions that Saudi crown prince is signaling an end to war on Yemen

--arrogant, insensitive and lacking impulse control, Trump tweets cartoon of train mowing down person with CNN logo

--Trump campaign tries to get CNN to run anti-CNN commercial that’s full of lies

--in leak from intelligence committees, emails show that low level Trump campaign worker was rebuffed in repeated attempts to meet with Russians, reports Washington Post in misleading article

--CBO says health insurance premiums and deficit will jump if subsidies are cut

--vigilante attitudes unleashed on left using “Nazi” rationalizations, like “Punch a Nazi” comments

--in Durham, NC, anti-racism rally leads to toppling of statue of Confederate soldier

--online “doxxers” are identifying and shaming men who protested in Charlottesville, and some are mistaken identities

--in slight exaggeration, Trump and right-wingers blame lefties for violence when data show that only 2% of extremist murders are leftist

--Bannon, Miller and Gorka are targets for unemployment; will Trump say, “You’re fired?”

--3 more CEO’s have resigned in protest from Trump appointments