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In-Depth Interview: Globetrotting Journalist Pepe Escobar Gives Offshore View of Trump’s Korea Threats, and Much More

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Independent journalist Pepe Escobar, who writes for Sputnik and Asia Times, returns to share offshore views of Trump’s America.As we spoke on August 15, Kim Jung Un had just snuffed the fuse on North Korea’s threat to aim missiles at Guam in late August.  While we expect Trump to claim credit from his week of threats aimed at Kim, Escobar agrees that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has checkmated both.  In an editorial last week, China said that it would defend North Korea from a US pre-emptive strike, and would remain neutral if North Korea provokes a conflict with the US.

We discuss the damage Trump has caused with escalating threats, and that the US could sharply erode its credibility if missile defense systems like THAAD are deployed and fail, which is quite likely.

We widen the discussion to include Iran and Venezuela, whose leaders are strengthened by Trump’s threats, and Escobar notes that China is playing a long game to expand its influence and “silk roads” while the Americans are bogged down in the Mideast and threatening to open new fronts.

We also touch on Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil in this wide-ranging conversation.

Opening music: Chris Rea, “Road to Hell” and “Lost in Korea“, the 1951 blues classic by Sherman “Blues” Johnson