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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s a Divider, Not a Uniter, and It’s Intentional!

Willfully ignorant, 45 creates false equivalency between handful of violent “antifa” leftists and hundreds of organized racists in Charlottesville revisionism….--in angry rant at Trump Tower lobby, Donny identifies with “alt-right” and rails against most others as “alt-left”, enraging many GOP leaders, and the rest of us

--at Heather Heyer’s funeral, her parents speak through their pain, as Trump tweets insincere condolences

--white nationalist leaders praise their leader for honesty, courage, and fairness

--NY Times acknowledges there were a few anti fa types who fought with right wing marchers, but experts put it into perspective

--as CEO’s abandon Trump advisory panels, he shuts them down

--Mitch McConnell opposes white right march planned for Lexington, KY, and Dianne Feinstein is alarmed by permit issued for San Francisco event “Patriot Prayer”

--in op-ed, cartoonist and writer Ted Rall says “if you fire a fascist for his/her political views, you are a fascist”

--Baltimore dismantles Confederate statues in darkness, as rightwingers threaten to remove Lenin statue in Seattle

--US Capitol has statues of 3 times as many confederate heroes as African Americans

--Guardian reports that Trump’s Twitter attack on Amazon led to $5 billion drop in value, but stock closed up $8 today

--NY Times clings to hack scenario, as it claims Ukraine hacker Profexer could expose Russian hacking of DNC

--in Alabama, bible-thumper Roy Moore got more votes than Luther Strange; the 2 will be in a runoff

--right wing Judicial Watch posts details of Netanyahu investigations in Israel

--Trump campaign’s data team is gearing up to organize disaffected voters and expose voter fraud

--as your humble host has suggested, suspending US-South Korea war games could open dialogue with Little Kim

--take a break from ugly reality, Gary Chew says Logan Lucky is best movie he’s seen this year, or is that Lucky Logan?