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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s a Divider, Not a Uniter, and It’s Intentional!

Willfully ignorant, 45 creates false equivalency between handful of violent “antifa” leftists and hundreds of organized racists in Charlottesville revisionism….–in angry rant at Trump Tower lobby, Donny identifies with “alt-right” and rails against most others as “alt-left”, enraging many GOP leaders, and the rest of us

–at Heather Heyer’s funeral, her parents speak through their pain, as Trump tweets insincere condolences

–white nationalist leaders praise their leader for honesty, courage, and fairness

–NY Times acknowledges there were a few anti fa types who fought with right wing marchers, but experts put it into perspective

–as CEO’s abandon Trump advisory panels, he shuts them down

–Mitch McConnell opposes white right march planned for Lexington, KY, and Dianne Feinstein is alarmed by permit issued for San Francisco event “Patriot Prayer”

–in op-ed, cartoonist and writer Ted Rall says “if you fire a fascist for his/her political views, you are a fascist”

–Baltimore dismantles Confederate statues in darkness, as rightwingers threaten to remove Lenin statue in Seattle

–US Capitol has statues of 3 times as many confederate heroes as African Americans

–Guardian reports that Trump’s Twitter attack on Amazon led to $5 billion drop in value, but stock closed up $8 today

NY Times clings to hack scenario, as it claims Ukraine hacker Profexer could expose Russian hacking of DNC

–in Alabama, bible-thumper Roy Moore got more votes than Luther Strange; the 2 will be in a runoff

–right wing Judicial Watch posts details of Netanyahu investigations in Israel

–Trump campaign’s data team is gearing up to organize disaffected voters and expose voter fraud

–as your humble host has suggested, suspending US-South Korea war games could open dialogue with Little Kim

–take a break from ugly reality, Gary Chew says Logan Lucky is best movie he’s seen this year, or is that Lucky Logan?