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PBC News & Comment: Berkeley Bungles Blac Bloc Assault, Again

Sunday’s conservative protest and liberal counter-protests were upstaged by hundreds of hooded vigilantes, cops stood down and watched…–coverage in SF Chronicle is here

–dragnet warrants and conspiracies among strangers are features of prosecution of inauguration protesters who face lengthy prison time

–judge allows warrant on DreamHost servers, with some limitations

–today’s North Korean missile test overflies Japan’s Hokkaido island, came from portable launcher near Pyongyang

–excellent, balanced recap of recent US tensions with North Korea from Gareth Porter

–Trump displays authoritarian contempt for rule of law in pardon of Joe Arpaio

–Trump restores distribution of military gear to local law enforcement

–facing likely convictions for designing and implementing torture practices, Mitchell and Jessen agree to confidential settlement that seals many secrets;  Kevin Gosztola’s report is here

–Rachel Maddow hyperventilates over latest Trump-Russia revelations

–Robert Parry exposes the spin, shows that leaked emails show that Russia did not pursue deal for Trump hotel in Moscow in 2015-16

–leaks from Mueller team to NBC say investigators are looking into Trump’s role in drafting Junior’s misleading statement

–Louise Mensch and writing partner Claude Taylor are exposed by a hoaxer who burned them with false stories of grand jury indictment of Trump

–while PBC was on vacation, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka were bounced from Trumpland