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PBC News & Comment: Sheriff Joe’s Pardon Faces Legal Challenges

Judge who sentenced Arpaio for contempt makes DOJ lawyers prove pardon’s legality as legal beagles file novel challenge, defending Constitution….--columnist Jennifer Rubin outlines potential roadblocks to pardon

--former law clerk defends the judge who Trump says treated Arpaio “unfairly”

--in Syria, US airstrikes attempt to block transit of IS fighters under Hezbollah truce, raising some difficult questions

--Israel’s Netanyahu exposes himself as a long-term liar, vowing to defend illegal West Bank settlements “for eternity”, just after Crown Prince Jared tried to talk peace

--Trump’s tweet about North Korea, “talking is not the answer” is countered by Pentagon chief Mattis

--US claims another success in carefully staged—likely rigged—missile defense test

--Mattis also slow-walks Trump order banning transgender service members, naming yet another panel to study the issue while maintaining status quo

--Trump pumps corporate tax cut schemes for companies that already pay little or nothing, pretending they will lead to growth of jobs and economy

--Trump will take credit for 3rd quarter 3% economic growth, but it undercuts argument for corporate tax cuts, which can add trillions to debt

--at 84, Sen. Dianne Feinstein isn’t senile, but she’s way out of touch with California voters, as she hopes Trump can become a good president

--Facebook joins others in avoiding Red Cross donations for Texas hurricane relief

--former prosecutor challenges Russiagate narrative in strong op-ed in Philadelphia newspaper

--as FCC prepares to gut Net Neutrality, deadline for comments arrives and Trevor Timm urges you to post comments at

--Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against NY Times is thrown out

--troubled by football brain injuries, ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham quits

--Kid Rock leads pack of Trump lovers running for US Senate