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PBC News & Comment: Google’s Eric Schmidt Squelches Critics of Monopoly Power

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt uses “philanthropy” power to punish Open Markets team at New America, proving that power corrupts, absolutely….–Zephyr Teachout gives insider view of New America Foundation’s capitulation to its major donor, a move that validates themes of Open Markets

–in new in-depth interview, Eric Thomas explains that he was bounced from Air Force Academy after collecting evidence, undercover, in 25 sex assault cases

–Roger Shuler, who was jailed for exposing corruption and politicians’ affairs in Alabama, wins a decision in federal appeals court

–federal judge blocks Texas law banning “sanctuary cities”

–as trial approaches in death of Kate Steinle, new information surfaces about the immigrant accused of killing her, and sanctuary city policies

–new case in Santa Rosa, CA, involves immigrant who was sought by ICE but released from jail, then killed girlfriend despite restraining order

–at NY Times, columnist Nick Kristof uses words and pictures to describe US complicity in Saudi war crimes

–new leaks in Trump/Russia investigation suggest Mueller has strategy against possible pardons

–State Department orders Russia to close San Francisco consulate

–UN Human Rights commissioner slams Trump’s attacks on media

–Iraq declares victory in Tal Afar, déjà vu

–Japan to spend $1.6 billion on mythical missile defense hardware

–in NY Times oped, mercenary leader Erik Prince argues that paid soldiers will “save” Afghanistan