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In-Depth Interview: Eric Thomas Fights Dismissal From Air Force Academy in Sex Scandal Coverup

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Dismissed just 6 weeks before graduation from the Air Force Academy, Eric Thomas reveals the retaliation he got for helping investigate and convict in 3 sexual assault cases.In our August 10, 2017 interview with former Air Force Academy counselor Teresa Beasley, we touched on the case of Eric Thomas.  Today, Thomas shares his story of retaliation and ejection from the Air Force Academy, after he gave undercover reports to investigators from the Office of Special Investigations.

Thomas was recruited by an OSI agent, regarding sex and drug crimes by fellow cadets.  His work involved 25 cases that led to 3 convictions, including one for a star football player.  As he explains, the command staff at the Academy was not in the loop with OSI, as Thomas had been told, and demerits that were connected to his undercover work were used as the basis to dismiss him.

Thomas is bright, articulate, and committed to clearing his name and being reinstated in the Air Force.  He details the lies and backstabbing he has confronted, and describes the male-dominated culture at the Academy.  Your can learn more about the case, read related documents, and contact Eric Thomas here.