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PBC News & Comment: MADmen Trump and Kim Escalate

North Korea’s weekend underground test of large hydrogen bomb rattles TrumpCo, increasing the risk of “mutual assured destruction”….--as Trump’s UN envoy says Kim is “begging for war”, Trump plays crazy mofo, threatening to cut trade with China, asking UN to cut off oil to North Korea

--everybody knows Trump has few options

--Robert Parry comments that Bush and Obama’s regime change wars in Iraq and Libya taught Kim Jong Un to build nukes, and keep them

--setting a good example for corporate media, The Nation provides forum for challenges to DNC leak scenario, with commentary from neutral expert

--in slippery move, Trump flips DACA controversy to Congress, where he can expect division and inaction by creating almost 1 million hostages

--Dreamers gave government personal info and them and many of their parents, giving ICE an easier job to deport them

--conservative CATO Institute says ending DACA could cost the economy over $200 billion

--at Buzzfeed, Ben Smith asks, "Why Does Trump Always Shoot the Hostages?”

--and at The Intercept, Ryan Grim predicts that in the end, DACA will continue

--Putin kicks Trump in the balls, says “He is not my bride”

--Public Citizen publishes ambitious report on Trump’s business deals, exposing 49 new entities he created since he announced his candidacy

--first leak from Hillary Clinton’s new book suggests she will re-open the Bernie wounds, and blame everyone, everything except herself

--Salt Lake City nurse Alex Wubbels gets formal apology after she stood her ground and was roughly arrested by cop for refusing blood sample

--19 wildfires and triple digit heatwave hammer California

--at Burning Man, a man bolted through security and died in bonfire

--Walter Becker, cofounder of Steely Dan, dies at 67….here is one of my favorite songs by The Dan