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PBC News & Comment: On DACA, Trump Isn’t the Only Flip-Flopper

Democrats who opposed Dream Act in past line up in support, Trump lies are exposed, and some GOP legislators offer support….–Trump shafts McConnell and Ryan, agrees with Dem leaders to package debt ceiling raise with first round of Harvey relief

–many Republican leaders join Obama and other Dems in urging Supreme Court to find political gerrymandering unconstitutional

–Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is now on trial for bribery

–Hollywood producer pal of Netanyahu talks with Israeli investigators about claims he bribed Bibi

–Palestinian leader Abbas cracks down on dissent, latest target is well-known human rights activist Issa Amro

–shifting her focus from North Korea to Iran, Nikki Haley rattles sabers over Obama’s nuclear deal

–2 deep dives recommended today:

–Tim Shorrock recaps the Obama policies that failed to cause North Korea collapse, exposes propaganda in Seth Rogan’s “The Interview” and Sony hack

–and Trevor Aaronson exposes another FBI frame-up of confused Florida man who tried to get out of plot hatched with paid informants

–NFL star Michael Bennett goes public after being roughed up and abused by Las Vegas cops, for being black

–4 California deputies accused of “sadistic and terrorizing acts” against prisoners

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola nails Hillary loyalist Neera Tanden for her shifting positions on $15 minimum wage

–humanitarian crisis widens in Bangladesh, as Rohynga’s are pushed out of Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi blames “terrorists”

–Rush Limbaugh says Hurricane Irma is being used to promote climate change, ignoring the intensity of this year’s extreme weather events

–Lego’s hit turbulence, as kids are now playing with more digital toys