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PBC News & Comment: On DACA, Trump Isn’t the Only Flip-Flopper

Democrats who opposed Dream Act in past line up in support, Trump lies are exposed, and some GOP legislators offer support….--Trump shafts McConnell and Ryan, agrees with Dem leaders to package debt ceiling raise with first round of Harvey relief

--many Republican leaders join Obama and other Dems in urging Supreme Court to find political gerrymandering unconstitutional

--Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is now on trial for bribery

--Hollywood producer pal of Netanyahu talks with Israeli investigators about claims he bribed Bibi

--Palestinian leader Abbas cracks down on dissent, latest target is well-known human rights activist Issa Amro

--shifting her focus from North Korea to Iran, Nikki Haley rattles sabers over Obama’s nuclear deal

--2 deep dives recommended today:

--Tim Shorrock recaps the Obama policies that failed to cause North Korea collapse, exposes propaganda in Seth Rogan’s “The Interview” and Sony hack

--and Trevor Aaronson exposes another FBI frame-up of confused Florida man who tried to get out of plot hatched with paid informants

--NFL star Michael Bennett goes public after being roughed up and abused by Las Vegas cops, for being black

--4 California deputies accused of “sadistic and terrorizing acts” against prisoners

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola nails Hillary loyalist Neera Tanden for her shifting positions on $15 minimum wage

--humanitarian crisis widens in Bangladesh, as Rohynga’s are pushed out of Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi blames “terrorists”

--Rush Limbaugh says Hurricane Irma is being used to promote climate change, ignoring the intensity of this year’s extreme weather events

--Lego’s hit turbulence, as kids are now playing with more digital toys