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PBC News & Comment: Political Establishments Challenged Left and Right

As Trump betrays his own party leaders, and Dems fight left flank, both parties face major upheavals in the days ahead….–Trump’s risky deal with Schumer and Pelosi could alienate GOP regulars, and ultimately lead to impeachment

–in our latest in-depth interview, journalist John Nichols of The Nation talks about impeachment prospects, and names Jeff Sessions as Trump’s worst cabinet pick

–in op-ed, Thomas B. Edsall reviews the infighting in the Democratic Party, sure to be stoked by Hillary Clinton’s new book

–Facebook’s admission that Russian accounts placed ads in 2015-16 is being exaggerated by promoters of “Russian meddling” in election

–Don Jr.’s statement for interview with Senate investigators adds little new information

–UN probe claims Syria was responsible to Khan Sheikoun chemical event in April, as Israel bombs alleged munitions factory in Syria

–Trump’s latest proposal for UN Security Council seeks approval to intercept North Korean ships, Russia and China expected to object

–Trump stokes arms race in Asia, offering to sell advanced weapons to Japan and South Korea

–protesters arrested in attempt to block deployment of Thaad missile defense in South Korea

–today’s recommended “long read” in Max Blumenthal’s takedown of CNN anchor Jake Tapper

–in Illinois, lefty is bumped from statewide ticket for supporting BDS

–from Australia, listener Hamish Gregor explains and corrects your humble host

–here is a good backgrounder on the conflict with Rohyngas in Myanmar