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PBC News & Comment: Political Establishments Challenged Left and Right

As Trump betrays his own party leaders, and Dems fight left flank, both parties face major upheavals in the days ahead….--Trump’s risky deal with Schumer and Pelosi could alienate GOP regulars, and ultimately lead to impeachment

--in our latest in-depth interview, journalist John Nichols of The Nation talks about impeachment prospects, and names Jeff Sessions as Trump’s worst cabinet pick

--in op-ed, Thomas B. Edsall reviews the infighting in the Democratic Party, sure to be stoked by Hillary Clinton’s new book

--Facebook’s admission that Russian accounts placed ads in 2015-16 is being exaggerated by promoters of “Russian meddling” in election

--Don Jr.’s statement for interview with Senate investigators adds little new information

--UN probe claims Syria was responsible to Khan Sheikoun chemical event in April, as Israel bombs alleged munitions factory in Syria

--Trump’s latest proposal for UN Security Council seeks approval to intercept North Korean ships, Russia and China expected to object

--Trump stokes arms race in Asia, offering to sell advanced weapons to Japan and South Korea

--protesters arrested in attempt to block deployment of Thaad missile defense in South Korea

--today’s recommended “long read” in Max Blumenthal’s takedown of CNN anchor Jake Tapper

--in Illinois, lefty is bumped from statewide ticket for supporting BDS

--from Australia, listener Hamish Gregor explains and corrects your humble host

--here is a good backgrounder on the conflict with Rohyngas in Myanmar