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PBC News & Comment: Fake News Filters Hammer Indy, Progressive Sites

Responding to “fake news” and Russiagate, Google and Facebook “media monopoly” have sharply reduced traffic to independent, progressive media sites…--AlterNet details its lost traffic, leading to lost revenue

--as corporate media continue focus on Facebook and Twitter, Robert Parry takes down NY Times and WashPost for biased, fake news

--Sen. Mark Warner lambastes Twitter representatives to “inadequate response” to senate investigators

--Julian Assange offers to prove Russiagate narrative is false, in exchange for immunity

--more evidence of election manipulation by Americans, as study estimates that 10% of voters were blocked by photo ID law

--in prosecuting inauguration protesters, Justice Dept. lifts gag on Facebook in its dragnet demand for Facebook user data

--Homeland Security adds new rules for noncitizens entering US to cough up their social media histories

--TrumpCo pressing hard for extension of FISA 702 surveillance law with no changes

--Air Force Academy, still dealing with sexual assaults and coverup, confronts racial slurs found on message boards of black students

--with anti-labor justice Gorsuch added to the Court, SCOTUS will again take up union-busting case over union dues

--latest analysis shows Trump tax plan gives 80% of cuts to top 1%

--new poll shows Bible-thumper Roy Moore has only 6% lead in senate race

--IS leader al-Baghdadi defies repeated reports that he’s dead, tries to rally his followers in new audio tape

--following Kurdish independence vote, Iraq and Turkey cancel flights, close borders

--Madrid is using many tactics to block independence referendum in Barcelona region set for this Sunday

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on Reality Winner’s FBI interrogation

--features stories in Guardian and NY Times report on flotsam and sea critters from Fukushima that have reached shores of US, Canada; no mention of radiation

--Larry David launches new season of cringe-inducing Curb Your Enthusiasm, as documentary shows that footage from season 4 cleared a murder suspect

Tech note:  this recording sounds a little different, it's a copy of the Facebook audio, because I forgot to record the podcast here at the studio.