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PBC News & Comment: Fake News Filters Hammer Indy, Progressive Sites

Responding to “fake news” and Russiagate, Google and Facebook “media monopoly” have sharply reduced traffic to independent, progressive media sites…AlterNet details its lost traffic, leading to lost revenue

–as corporate media continue focus on Facebook and Twitter, Robert Parry takes down NY Times and WashPost for biased, fake news

–Sen. Mark Warner lambastes Twitter representatives to “inadequate response” to senate investigators

–Julian Assange offers to prove Russiagate narrative is false, in exchange for immunity

–more evidence of election manipulation by Americans, as study estimates that 10% of voters were blocked by photo ID law

–in prosecuting inauguration protesters, Justice Dept. lifts gag on Facebook in its dragnet demand for Facebook user data

–Homeland Security adds new rules for noncitizens entering US to cough up their social media histories

–TrumpCo pressing hard for extension of FISA 702 surveillance law with no changes

–Air Force Academy, still dealing with sexual assaults and coverup, confronts racial slurs found on message boards of black students

–with anti-labor justice Gorsuch added to the Court, SCOTUS will again take up union-busting case over union dues

–latest analysis shows Trump tax plan gives 80% of cuts to top 1%

–new poll shows Bible-thumper Roy Moore has only 6% lead in senate race

–IS leader al-Baghdadi defies repeated reports that he’s dead, tries to rally his followers in new audio tape

–following Kurdish independence vote, Iraq and Turkey cancel flights, close borders

–Madrid is using many tactics to block independence referendum in Barcelona region set for this Sunday

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on Reality Winner’s FBI interrogation

–features stories in Guardian and NY Times report on flotsam and sea critters from Fukushima that have reached shores of US, Canada; no mention of radiation

–Larry David launches new season of cringe-inducing Curb Your Enthusiasm, as documentary shows that footage from season 4 cleared a murder suspect

Tech note:  this recording sounds a little different, it’s a copy of the Facebook audio, because I forgot to record the podcast here at the studio.