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PBC News & Comment: Kansas Teacher Fights Ban on Support for BDS

Boycotts are clear constitutional right; Kansas, other states passed laws punishing boycotts of Israel, teacher Esther Koontz is fighting back….--The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani broke this story last week, little coverage in MSM

--60 Minutes report exposed opioid distributors, shamed Trump into dropping “drug czar” nominee, but Vice reveals manufacturer’s role in Christie commission

--Trump keeps lying about contacts with families of dead soldiers, even as Florida mother and widow attack his insensitivity, and media ignores causes of deaths

--countering with more bluster supporting ritual expression of patriotism, Trump slams NFL owners for not towing his line

--proving, again, that his word is worthless, Trump backpedals from support of Senate bill to restore the insurance subsidies he just cut

--Maryland court joins Hawaiian judge in blocking latest Muslim travel ban

--in apparent bid to support AG Sessions, whom he’s repeatedly shamed in public, Trump attacks former FBI Director Comey over Hillary Clinton email investigation

--Tiny Jeff Sessions plays Dodgem with Senators in hearing today

--leading whistleblower advocates warn of Trump’s escalation of “insider threat” training

--if you can chip in a few bucks to help blogger Roger Shuler, click here

--in Spain, Madrid central government appears poised to impose direct rule on Catalonia

--newly released documents from the LBJ era show how US supported big wave of extrajudicial killings in Indonesia, and the coup that brought Suharto to power

--in blue-majority California, Jerry brown signs bill allowing 3rd gender, and vetoes bill to require presidential candidates to share tax returns, along with a bad bill that pre-empted local control over cell phone tower installations