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PBC News & Comment: Kansas Teacher Fights Ban on Support for BDS

Boycotts are clear constitutional right; Kansas, other states passed laws punishing boycotts of Israel, teacher Esther Koontz is fighting back….The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani broke this story last week, little coverage in MSM

60 Minutes report exposed opioid distributors, shamed Trump into dropping “drug czar” nominee, but Vice reveals manufacturer’s role in Christie commission

–Trump keeps lying about contacts with families of dead soldiers, even as Florida mother and widow attack his insensitivity, and media ignores causes of deaths

–countering with more bluster supporting ritual expression of patriotism, Trump slams NFL owners for not towing his line

–proving, again, that his word is worthless, Trump backpedals from support of Senate bill to restore the insurance subsidies he just cut

–Maryland court joins Hawaiian judge in blocking latest Muslim travel ban

–in apparent bid to support AG Sessions, whom he’s repeatedly shamed in public, Trump attacks former FBI Director Comey over Hillary Clinton email investigation

–Tiny Jeff Sessions plays Dodgem with Senators in hearing today

–leading whistleblower advocates warn of Trump’s escalation of “insider threat” training

–if you can chip in a few bucks to help blogger Roger Shuler, click here

–in Spain, Madrid central government appears poised to impose direct rule on Catalonia

–newly released documents from the LBJ era show how US supported big wave of extrajudicial killings in Indonesia, and the coup that brought Suharto to power

–in blue-majority California, Jerry brown signs bill allowing 3rd gender, and vetoes bill to require presidential candidates to share tax returns, along with a bad bill that pre-empted local control over cell phone tower installations