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PBC News & Comment: Congress Is Deeply Addicted to Opioid Cash

At news conference where he sharted over military condolences, Trump blurted out the truth about Big Pharma’s total domination of Congress….–The Guardian has the story, shaming US corporate media

–in ugly move, John Kelly joins Trump in demagoguing his own son’s combat death

–George W. Bush gives NY speech where he denounces Trumpism without naming the Orange One

–Trump attacks FBI again, and misleads on FBI payments to Chris Steele, British author of “dirty dossier”

–Big Tech deploys lawyers and lobbyists in effort to block regulation of political ads online

–Robert Parry puts important context around exaggerated claims of Russian ads on Facebook and Twitter

–in strong opinion column, Andrew Rosenthal blasts FBI for leaked report about the threat from “black identity extremist” movement, shades of J. Edgar Hoover

WashPost exposes wave of sex assaults in the military by men who are trained to counsel victims of sex assault

–in new in-depth PBC interview, Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei talks about “Human Flow”, his powerful documentary on the world’s 65 million refugees

–after defiant letter from Catalonian leader, Madrid moves to crack down, risking new Spanish Civil War

–Somalians stage major protest over truck bombing, and AP story never mentions link to US raid in August that killed 10 civilians

–in Brownsville, TX, judge rules that imprisoned immigrant teen can get an abortion, despite efforts by Trumpers to block her choice

Vice article claims to list “everything we still don’t know about Las Vegas shooting” but comes up way short; here is the link to video about forensic acoustics, arguing that there was a second shooter