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PBC News & Comment: Bill Binney Met with CIA Chief About DNC Leak

Former NSA tech director Binney met with CIA director, explained theory that DNC files were leaked by insider, not hacked….


–read the remarkably biased report at The Intercept

–at Salon, Dave Lindorff reports on an article he wrote that was labeled “fake news” because it challenges the MSM Russiagate narrative

–in 8-hour grilling, Carter Page changes his story, adds evidence of perjury by Jeff Sessions

–accused Texas church gunman had escaped from psychiatric lockup in 2012, but was still able to buy guns

–in South Korea, Trump puts aside threats and insults, says “it will all work out”

–Saudis blockade Yemen over unproven claim that Iran supplied missile that targeted Riyadh

–with Islamic State in retreat, big questions remain about militias, Assad

–Paradise Papers reveal shocking levels of tax evasion by American companies and wealthy individuals, Appleby law firm says it’s all legal

–the book that exposed dirty dealings of the Clinton Foundation was funded by offshore profits of the right-wing Mercer family’s foundation

–the document dump shows that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is still invested in offshore firm that leases tankers to Russian oil company

–Apple is still #1 tax cheat, with $238 billion in “offshore profits”, NY Times reports that Apple has shifted from Ireland to the island of Jersey as tax dodge hub

–House GOP tax cut plan will raise taxes on millions of families, with no attempt to reduce offshore tax avoidance schemes

–for years, Harvey Weinstein used detectives, including former Mossad agents, to silence women he abused and intimidate reporters and media outlets

–and superlawyer David Boies is in hot water for representing Weinstein and the NY Times at the same time

–in retaliation for LA Times reports on Disney’s hardball dealings with Anaheim, Mickey Mouse is banning Times movie critics from preview screenings