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PBC News & Comment: Bill Binney Met with CIA Chief About DNC Leak

Former NSA tech director Binney met with CIA director, explained theory that DNC files were leaked by insider, not hacked….


--read the remarkably biased report at The Intercept

--at Salon, Dave Lindorff reports on an article he wrote that was labeled “fake news” because it challenges the MSM Russiagate narrative

--in 8-hour grilling, Carter Page changes his story, adds evidence of perjury by Jeff Sessions

--accused Texas church gunman had escaped from psychiatric lockup in 2012, but was still able to buy guns

--in South Korea, Trump puts aside threats and insults, says “it will all work out”

--Saudis blockade Yemen over unproven claim that Iran supplied missile that targeted Riyadh

--with Islamic State in retreat, big questions remain about militias, Assad

--Paradise Papers reveal shocking levels of tax evasion by American companies and wealthy individuals, Appleby law firm says it’s all legal

--the book that exposed dirty dealings of the Clinton Foundation was funded by offshore profits of the right-wing Mercer family’s foundation

--the document dump shows that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is still invested in offshore firm that leases tankers to Russian oil company

--Apple is still #1 tax cheat, with $238 billion in “offshore profits”, NY Times reports that Apple has shifted from Ireland to the island of Jersey as tax dodge hub

--House GOP tax cut plan will raise taxes on millions of families, with no attempt to reduce offshore tax avoidance schemes

--for years, Harvey Weinstein used detectives, including former Mossad agents, to silence women he abused and intimidate reporters and media outlets

--and superlawyer David Boies is in hot water for representing Weinstein and the NY Times at the same time

--in retaliation for LA Times reports on Disney’s hardball dealings with Anaheim, Mickey Mouse is banning Times movie critics from preview screenings