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PBC News & Comment: Does 1st Amendment Cover Woman Who Flipped Off 45?

Juli Briskman got fired after admitting she was bicyclist who flipped the bird at Trump’s motorcade…isn’t that free speech?....--labor law expert Benjamin Sachs says the law is on her side..

--NBC leads corporate media jackals in attacks on Bill Binney for “fringe “ theory about DNC leaks, smears him for appearing on Fox and RT

--Donna Brazile is massaging her comments about DNC and “rigging” of 2016 primary, but her book is pretty clear

--Trump’s speech in Seoul was less bombastic, but includes red lines that are impossible to maintain

--Trump is hoping Xi Jinping will squeeze North Korea, but doesn’t have the leverage he imagines

--Trump is also dreaming that new restrictions on American travel to Cuba will lead to “better deal”; 60 years of failed sanctions predict that Cuba will not bend

Comparative Coverage of power struggle in Saudi Arabia:

--NY Times focuses on corruption angle

--Haaretz says the real reason for purge is to neutralize adversaries

--and our buddy Pepe Escobar, who predicted this turmoil in July, says the power struggle started in 2014, compounded by failures in Syria and Yemen

--in the House, Democratic leaders helped scuttle privileged resolution that would force a vote on US involvement in Yemen

--Democrats win governor races in New Jersey and Virginia, where voters rejected Trump-endorsed Gillespie and elected transgender lawmaker

--in liberal Bay Area, ICE leases prison space in county jails, where conditions are so bad that some detainees beg to be deported

--Disney reverses its self-defeating ban on LA Times movie critics after boycott

--Notre Dame reverses decision to drop birth control from health insurance