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PBC News & Comment: Alabama’s Roy Moore Accused of Pursuing Teenagers

In a page from the Karl Rove playbook, Alabama’s Bible-thumping Senate candidate accused of pursuing 4 teenagers 40 years ago….–read the Washington Post report here

–was Anthony Weiner entrapped by 15-year-old girl in sexting case that sent him to prison this week? Investigator Russ Baker is finding some evidence

–Rachel Maddow smears Bill Binney as Russian tool, and dismisses his claims that DNC was victim of leak, not hack

–ally of Bernie Sanders gets John Kiriakou booted from panel because he works for Sputnik

–at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold profiles the CrowdStrike employee who determined that DNC was hacked by Russians while affirming the Russiagate conspiracy theories

–Sen. Al Franken calls for net neutrality for tech companies, but it’s unclear what he seeks

–Justice Dept reviews AT&T-Time/Warner merger, and tells them to divest of CNN or DirecTV….is this antitrust driven, or Trump hitting CNN?

–Democratic member of Trump’s “voter fraud” commission sues over his exclusion from the commission’s work

–Sen. Feinstein introduces new assault weapons ban

–Senate GOP’s tax bill is released today

–Canadian broadcast regulator says “fuck” is OK, but only on French programs

–Sen. Rand Paul’s rib-cracker pleads not guilty, Trevor Noah has great coverage