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PBC News & Comment: Alabama’s Roy Moore Accused of Pursuing Teenagers

In a page from the Karl Rove playbook, Alabama’s Bible-thumping Senate candidate accused of pursuing 4 teenagers 40 years ago….--read the Washington Post report here

--was Anthony Weiner entrapped by 15-year-old girl in sexting case that sent him to prison this week? Investigator Russ Baker is finding some evidence

--Rachel Maddow smears Bill Binney as Russian tool, and dismisses his claims that DNC was victim of leak, not hack

--ally of Bernie Sanders gets John Kiriakou booted from panel because he works for Sputnik

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold profiles the CrowdStrike employee who determined that DNC was hacked by Russians while affirming the Russiagate conspiracy theories

--Sen. Al Franken calls for net neutrality for tech companies, but it’s unclear what he seeks

--Justice Dept reviews AT&T-Time/Warner merger, and tells them to divest of CNN or DirecTV….is this antitrust driven, or Trump hitting CNN?

--Democratic member of Trump’s “voter fraud” commission sues over his exclusion from the commission’s work

--Sen. Feinstein introduces new assault weapons ban

--Senate GOP’s tax bill is released today

--Canadian broadcast regulator says “fuck” is OK, but only on French programs

--Sen. Rand Paul’s rib-cracker pleads not guilty, Trevor Noah has great coverage