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In-Depth Interview: Investigative Journalist Russ Baker Asks: Was Anthony Weiner Entrapped in Sexting Case?

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Russ Baker returns to talk about his latest investigative report of the Anthony Weiner sexting case, relating to the roles of Trump activists and the victim’s father.Baker is founder and editor of and the article he wrote with Matthew Harvey is here.  His ongoing investigation into the Weiner case reveals that pro-Trump dirty trickster Chuck C. Johnson, who was communicating with the 15-year-old girl while she was texting with the disgraced Congressman and former candidate for NYC mayor.

Baker frames this case with the see-saw ride of FBI investigations into Clinton’s State Department emails and her private server, and notes that the Weiner sexting allegations surface in the final days of the campaign just as James Comey informed the public that he had re-opened his investigation, then said the investigation was closed.

Baker notes that the father and daughter had not reported the Weiner sexts to any authorities before they were paid $30,000 for an interview by the Daily Mail, a London tabloid.  He tells us that the woman named Sydney Leathers, who was one of Weiner’s previous online contacts, was contacted by the girl (who remains unnamed) and declined Leathers’ advice to go to the police.  The article also quotes friends and family members saying the girl was looking for money from Weiner, and wanted to “be the next Lewinsky”.

Weiner reported to federal prison this week, and Baker continues his investigation.